Sony str-DN1080

Wale wa dz350 wakae kando. Nimebakisha tu centre speaker but i still feel music in it’s purest form. AV receivers is the way to go

Umedharau dz350 ukasahau bei yake ni 75% of Ktalk mbirrionares salary.

Sasa ona 45+ minutes umejiongelesha.

Futa hii opuus au upige simu Sony waku advise.

woooi. Products from 2017. Pole sana.




Tulia man :D:D

You will be surprised my friend. In my opinion it can only be beaten by Yamaha RX-V6A at that price point. These things don’t get old as such. Unless of course you want 8K. The thing also has eARC, unasema nini

Thanks for educating him.