Sony 40W650D vs sony 40R350E.

Want to buy a Sony TV. I have seen the above two models and I’m in a dilemma on which one to choose. D=yr2016 E=2017. What’s the technical difference between the two? Any other good Sony model around that range? My budget is maximum 40K

Enda ujishikie hii KDL-43W660F pale [U]Kenyatronics[/U] and kill this thread before it lays eggs.

Ni 40k tu, 2018 model and has HDR and WiFi unlike the two you have mentioned. I just looked at the specs though, I’m not a Sony user.

[SIZE=7]40W650D ni smart TV and full HD while hiyo R300E is a regular TV and is HD. Smart TV The main difference is that a smart TV can access WiFi and run the apps just like a smartphone where your normal TV can’t. A smart TV can access the internet which is the main source of media content like YouTube, Netflix, etc. HD TVs show you 720p images at 1280×720 pixels. Full HD TVs show 1080p images at 1920×1080 pixels[/SIZE]

@Trojanex Go for .

Only 36 sausand and is better than hizi mbili umepost. It’s also 43inch

Both are 1080p

A good advice. Thank you

Naona ndio @ilonMask amenielezea pia. Asante ndugu. It’s good I did some homework before using money

By any dumb tv and buy a chrome cast (3k only) no tv is smart enough. TV softwares are not really use full and are hardly updated. Just invest in the biggest screen and resolution you can afford . Dont bother with smart /WiFi /Bluetooth ,sound etc. By a TV for display and display only. back to your point… in sony tvs, W beats R any day especially in screen quality. vibrant colors etc.

Seems this chromecast is a game changer. I’m reading more about it

I told you to kill this thread before it lays eggs :D:D:D. Hapa utakua confused tu bure. For your budget, get the 2018 TV we recommended. Not because it’s smart but since it has okay features. Hakuna “dumb” TV model ya 2018 or later above 40" that doesn’t have some form of smart software. And you also need to consider features like HDR.

Your two earlier suggestions only have Ethernet ports, the one we recommended has HDR and WiFi support. Chukua hio, and if you need additional smart features, get an Android Box like Mi Box S or Firestick 4K. Chromecast only allows you to cast your phone to the TV.

Right. You might buy ‘just a TV’ ikose kufanya the main intended purpose satisfactorily. Nishaamua hiyo 660F.

I don’t know how to kill the thread

Thanks all for all of your contributions. I have made my conclusion on KDL-43W660F. No need of more comments

:smiley: It’s just a figure of speech. Bado @Nyamgondho hajaweka stamp :D. But in my opinion if you specifically need Sony for that budget, get that before advises spin out of control.

I’ll definitely buy that. I’m satisfied

The more the discussions the better for all especially now that mambo ya chromecast, firestick, mi, HDR, W series, etc have been introduced. With such discussions, everyone ends up enlightened. So dont kill the thread, let it run its course.

Sure. There’s something for everyone.

Iko sawa

I have sony 40W650D it has better picture quality than r300e