Sons of Anarchy

No series has hit me in the heart more than this one.
From the music to the sense of brotherhood and purpose.
Every year I attend a fellow biker’s funeral. On bad years more than one.
Today I am listening to a compilation of music from the entire series and remembering gone friends.
RIP Hulk.


You knew Matthew?

Call came when a Honda Transalp carb was eating my head. I ended up throwing it in the Chevy and dropping it at Mureithi’s.

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I have no idea why my thoughts went there. Met him twice at biker meets back when I didn’t have the courage to take a bike on road. The biker community lost a legend

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And so did the field of Architecture. And a family too.


How does introvertess feel about you and your bike?

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For her sake and the small ones I don’t take unnecessary risks and I downsized from what we had before. She is a ride or die with both feet in.



Naona tuko wengi hapa. There was another fatality last week. Very sad.

Hio ilikua my favorite tv series mpaka nimeweka kwa archives for future generations

Shait. Who?
I have three brothers…all bikers and all on speed dial.
One had his bike almost squished by a Rongai mat. The four of us descended on it hadi all passengers disembarked. Nowadays the drivers wave and give way. Sons.


My bro just got back in after a few years out of the game after an accident. Bikes are addictive. We just leave safety in God’s hands.

Sometimes I wish stun grenades were accessible to common mwnanchi. Ningekuwa natupia matatu drivers na wale wanakuwanga kwa simu daily

hio Series niliona season 1 episode mbili pekee ilinibore yangu yote , nikaitupa njee .

@introvert chukua narcos na uwache kunichora,pia arrested development iko chonjo[ATTACH=full]66731[/ATTACH]

That song by Leonard Cohen huniacha hoi

I like bikes but after my uncle had a fatal accident some years back, I would rather just watch them on TV

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Pole Mrs D.
Vile @kah tony amesema hapo juu, hiyo throttle ukishika you become one with the bike.

Kwanza ALL the actors just stand out…

Family can be sacrificed if they trip…Jax killing his own biological mother