Sons of anarchy sucked

I downloaded the entire 7 seasons about a year ago and after watching the first few seasons I regretted why I downloaded it am even surprised how it got to it seventh season, Jax is a terrible actor and the show is monotonous and tedious to watch especially the last seasons… if you have never watched it don’t waste your time.

Nimeona jina jax nikakumbuka huyu…

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umeona only several episodes na ukapass judgement? isorait personally soa ilinibamba and it ranks up there with other favorites like breaking bad

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It was one of my favorite series. The betrayal factor made it more appealing.

I have watched all the 7 seasons, the first seasons were not bad but from season 5 ikaanza kuwa boring, the last 2 seasons took me six months to complete only watching them when I have nothing better to watch

You can’t compare breaking bad to soa, breaking bad was way much better

enda uone teletubies


Hata mimi nilishindwa kufuata after several episodes.

Soap opera for small penised men.

mimi after 3 episodes ya season one nilidelete zote

SOA ilikuwa juu.

I found the series interesting

Hehe hiyo show ilikuwa inabore kabisa hata hype ilikuwa ya nini.

Hata season 1 sikumaliza…you can’t compare it na breaking bad