Hii Kenya iuzwe


Huyo mbilikimo ako nyuma yake huwa bad nyews.

Simon Mbugua…

Sonko cannot be ‘painted’ with 20 mirrion. This is the work of his political rivals wanting to bring him down.

kijana ya eastleigh high school,tulikua na yeye

alikua sumbua huko?

Coincidentally ndio tulikuwa tunaongelea pesa yake huwa tamu sana.

Sonko ako safi kama pampers , 20 million Ni pesa kidogo sana kwa musito . hio Ni kama pesa ya lunch kwake

my tiny friend, how are you?


Niaje dwarf muzee

nikii ukoragwo na ungui muinge uguo kahii gaka?

nugu hizi wachaneni na mimi.

Mwaka gani ? Pia mi ni alumni uko

he is actually awarded himself tht tender but they cant trace it back to him so they trying hard to pin it on him
Rem Waititu ate tht tender for over 10 years quite lucrative and you basically do nothing just fuel lorries collect trash and dump them at unauthorized plces

May the spirit of dwarfism depart thy small body

and not just this, recently KRA called him out kwa gazeti in a very coded manner.

Class of '95

Deals za 20 million ni za akina Simo hapo nyuma. Sonko is waay too streetmart, yeye mtamtafuta na torchie.
Plus that power and seat is too sweet to loot Nairobi coffers ovyo ovyo like Kidero did. He wants to be reelected in 2022 so he knows people are out here waiting for him to blunder.
I remember how garbage would be collected from the estates and dumped in the CBD at night amongst other things.
Kenyans voted him the worst performing Governor, and I told some acquaintances that all this was City Hall cartels hitting back hard for not playing ball.
They literally had Kidero by the balls.But Sonko has really tried to take them.

Wakimalizana na garbage wachunguze the ill informed and iller implemented street beautification.
It was a scam.
Millions were poured in with barely anything nowadays to show for it.