Sonko was shielded from impeachment. Amesahau

There was a time Nairobi MCAs were ready to impeach the chokoraa governor. They had the numbers to do it too because both ODM and Jubilee MCAs wanted the nyang’ande gone.
Then Uhuru Kenyatta called the Jubilee MCAs to Statehouse and told them to abandon their plans. Soon after the chokoraa governor accepted to hand over Nairobi County to National Government which then appointed director general Badi.

It was important for the media to cover the whole exercise because the chokoraa governor is claiming that he was very drunk while signing over Nairobi.

On a cold Nairobi morning a few weeks ago, Maj-Gen Mohamed Badi led a mixed team from the Nairobi Metropolitan Services and City Hall on an inspection tour of the city. In South C, residents had for years complained they were not getting piped water and were being forced to buy the precious commodity from vendors. City Hall, however, kept insisting it was pumping water to the neighbourhood every week.
Maj-Gen Badi said he needed to understand what was wrong, and asked engineers to locate the problem. It did not take long before the team came upon a shocking, if not brash, scene. The water pipes into South C had been cut, stuffed with mattresses, and sealed back. No matter how many litres of water the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company tried to pump into this neighbourhood, the residents were never going to get a drop of it because of that blockage.
No one knew who had blocked those pipes, but everyone knew why. Without piped water, South C was always going to service the gluttonous businesses of private water bowsers. And there, in the cold of the fateful Nairobi morning, the rot that is Nairobi was laid bare.

It is unfair for taxpayers to pay 2 salaries for the position of leading Nairobi. We are paying the salary of the chokoraa governor who was unable to do his job and paying director general Badi who is now in charge of Nairobi. It is clear that Uhuru has low regard for taxpayers making him the worst president in the history of Kenya.

ofcourse with influence from the house in the hill.

General Badis salary can be justified. He has reclaimed property worth over ksh 20 million so far.

Kale ka kesi ka corruption katarudi next week

Sonko akubali alichezwa

Sonko anajifanya can always be rekindled

MCA ni mtu hakupita highschool …kujaribu kumpea figures zinapita 1 million afanye hesabu nayo ni makosa…kitu ya kwanza ni kuchanganyikiwa