Sonko vs Deep State


Mnaskianga story za fala ya ocha ameingia jiji alafu anapatana na con men. Wanamuuzia smart phone at a cheap price. Ati leta tuu mia tano. Mjinga ananunua alafu anakimbiza kiyambis mtaani with excitement ati ameangukia simu. Anafika kejani anatoa new phone. Kuwasha anapata haiwaki. Anajiuliza c hii simu ilikuwa inafanya nikiuziwa. He then realises kumbe aligongwa. Aliuziwa casing ya simu imejazwa matope.

This is exactly what has happened to this chokosh sonko. When he was signing that document akiwa na Uhunye and Lusaka alikuwa all smiles thinking it was a good deal. Hakujuwa anachezwa. Now it’s when he has realised alikuwa ananyanganywa ugavana duties. All am saying is this nigga is fvcked and that brings tears of joy to my eyes LMFAOOO

Something similar to that happened to me many years ago in Githurai 45 when I was still new in the streets of Nairobi. Nilipeana 500/= ati nauziwa simu kumbe kufika Kwa nyumba hata haina network. Sonko thought ameanguka lakini kumbe ameangukiwa. But I realized he is daft when I saw him handing over the county to the national govt. I lost any respect I had for him and even posted it on his wall. This guy should have adopted the strategy of supporting BBI but make sure he does not not reliquinsh the county to the national govt.

Where are the constitutional lawyers in the jiji? Instead of Maraga asking for Benzes he should be calling a sitting to adjudicate this quandary. :D:D:D

These are the cases that set precedence @Nananimpa na wengineo. Can the national government usurp the powers of the counties?

Since Kenya’s katiba was a copy & paste of the American one. The Federal (read - National) government can not usurp the powers of the States (read - Counties) unless in national emergencies. Stand to be corrected.

Maraga is a useless goat. He has really messed up the judiciary

That’s an insult juicy Kisii goats don’t deserve.

lol, Mbuvi is the proverbial pig that you shouldn’t wrestle in the mud, atasumbua national govt. hadi dakika ya mwisho

Why pretend to support the BBI to retain a county? Sonko will support whoever he wants like the man he is. If the cartels want it let them fight and take it if they are powerful. Men who resolve what to do and do what they resolve will not please cartels to retain jobs

Joseph had a option of sleeping with a woman of loose morals… he refused, and chose prison. He later became a Pharaoh in Egypt.

  1. The legal system of Kenya, like the US and many other commonwealth countries is adversarial. That means courts wait for people to bring cases and evidence to them. They do not go poking their noses and rendering dumb opinions and passing judgments on every petty issue ki truwoman kapondi-style.

  2. Your last two statements suggest two things:-

    (a) You were too young to vote in the referendum on the new constitution, so you did not read the draft constitution and still have no idea what the constitution talks about; or

    (b) A “Barber” somewhere read the draft constitution for you and said “it is the best constitution in the world” [as if there exists an international “constitution bestness metre” or “gauge” or some “index” of sorts] and so you did not read the draft constitution and still have no idea what the constitution talks about even after voting “yes”.

  3. The katiba has borrowed heavily from many jurisdictions. It is not a copy & paste of the American one. Under article 187 of the katiba, functions and powers may be transferred BY AGREEMENT [deed] from one level of government to the other. It is not usurpation if it is done in accordance with the law now, is it?

Nigekula slices and am sure 99% or more of ktalk hooligans would have sliced that bitch severally and prayed for forgiveness each time

Ile madharau atafanyiwa na cartels atajua hajui. He did a silly thing by pretending to hand over the county. Angecheza smart kama wengine. He will be totally thrown out like Waititu.

I thought I knew my Bible but this part nimesahau kabisa.

Stop being ignorant Mr.

He can scuttled the process by initiating a court process for reversal.
And knowing how fast,court processes work in Kenya,the conclusion will be in 2022(the average completion of a case time in Kenya is 2 yes)

The government knows that,no wonder wanambembeleza. People think sonko is a fool,he may be one academicwise but streetwise he is one smart guy.He has very smart advisors who are working behind the scenes.(you think joho is behind the brains of all development in coast)

That letter is an indication that hawapati hiyo info na wafanye vile watataka.

In short,hiyo kupimana mavi itaendelea Hadi 2022, and as a result NAIROBI is screwed.

Sonko ni mjanjez, he waited for Uhuru to call on the MCAs to go slow on his impeachment, then the outbreak of Covid-19, leaving the national government weak and confused, then kataliad that deal.

He knows by the time this is resolved it will be deep into 2021, and campaigns will be on.


Yea. Remember impeachment was hot on his heels back then. All calm now. He has realized that konyagi is no longer popular, so by taking him head on he may not lose politically.

Told it like it is! Chokosh amaliswe! Nairobi deserves better!

Soma Bible yako vizuri ujue second in command alikua nani, na ujue kwa nini Ruto is part of the presidency, na kwa nini nikesema Joseph alikua Pharaoh

You lie too much mpaka you’ve started believing your lies

We shall revisit