Sonko to take 300 hawkers, matatu drivers to Rwanda for benchmarking

Aendelee hivyo hivyo until voters learn to be accountable. Kura ya nairobi ilikuwa ni kama beauty pageant.

Beauty pageant? Toka kwa closet polepole

That would suggest there’s problem with policy. And as you know policy is perfect.

Niliacha kudharau Babu Owino when I heard he got a first class in Actuarial Science. Siasa ya Kenya ni kuwa tu fala and outspoken and you will get that job. How Lunatics like Aladwa land into political offices remain a mystery to me.

Sonko has perfected this art, that nigga aint going nowhere with his stupid policies

What is the use of policies if it cannot be enforced?

He’s a reflection of the people that elected him. So don’t blame him alone.

Sarcasm my nigga.

We don’t need foreign intervention…actually the thought itself is mediocre. The vested interests can be contained if we have good governance. Nakuru was once the cleanest town in Kenya and I don’t remember any foreign intervention or people flying to foreign countries to learn how to manage themselves…

Indeed but can you predict the future? If it backfires, you can justifiably go for his jugular for wasting public funds. This is a man who has mobilized these cadres before and put them in line. Is it risky? Yes, but what if his approach actually works? What did Kidero do besides facilitate the private pocketing of public funds?

Sonko is not a conventional politician or business person, he does not do things by the book, the way we expect them to be done CEO style (did it work with Kidero?). Can you say compared to Kidero that he has zero results to date or there are results one can actually point to? When people constantly put you down because of what they perceive of you, you often have the hunger and drive to prove them wrong.

Naysayers are always free to present practical and better solutions.

We live in Kenya where impunity reigns, there are no such laws (in reality) to be enforced and even if they were, it transforms into supplemental income for the enforcers. This is more like the concept of vigilante groups, it is such groups that police themselves and bring a semblance of order. Does it come with risks? Yes, but what is the better alternative?

Na ukaamini hiyo first class ilikuwa genuine?