Sonko to take 300 hawkers, matatu drivers to Rwanda for benchmarking

The Nairobi county will take 300 boda boda operators, hawkers and matatu operators to benchmark trip in Rwanda.
City-county operations Chief Officer Peter Mbaya said the trip will have 100 members from each sector to learn order in Kigali.
He said bodaboda operators have to come up with self-regulation to operate within the CBD.
On demolitions of unsafe buildings and structures, Mbaya said the county will issue notices to the concerned parties.

" We give adequate notice before carrying out demolitions. Three months, a month and finally a 24-hour notice," Mbaya said.
In addition, Mbaya said engineers are on the ground carrying out surveys on how to address the menace of drainage systems.

Shithole country, with garbage governor doing shitty stuff.

Shithole country, shitty voters, shithole talker and another shitty day .

This guy Sonko is a big fool. All that is required is enforcement of laws and city bylaws / regulations. Hii umeffi sijui ametoa wapi. Nairobi is not Kigali; what worked forKigali may not work for Nairobi.

Same old crap.
Am beginning to think unless we get foreign intervention there’s no way Nairobi will ever get functional systems.
Too many vested interests and outright mediocrity.

A regurgitation of myopic thinking.

Ten green emojis

Just enforce the law. Any matatu driver/Bodaboda rider should be whipped in public for any indiscipline

I see sonko is still an idiot.

Didn’t Sonko say Daily Nation article was unfair to him? It’s going to be a long 4.5 years for Nairobians

Next tunapea Babu Owino

Nairobi and Mombasa counties are both doomed. Such a pity.


Sonko or rather his PR people posted photos of roads he was repairing in Nairobi’s CBD including some outrageous ones of some pipes at Mlango kubwa that had nothing to do with city county.
Spear gleefully posted them here as governor sonkos development but as anyone else can see it’s all a tonne of bullshit.
We voted in a Jubilee governor expecting real change NOT to celebrate nonsense.
That I emphatically say a big NO.
Jubilee must deliver on it’s promises.

THis country is deep down in the toilet and a flush away from the sewers

If he is not delivering then you guys send him home!
I live for the day people will rise up and say NO.
I still remember how ecstatic i felt when my rela,wa muchomba ,felt the ire of the people of Kiambu.

Kwani anambebeleza, the problem with this guy is that he wants to be liked by everyone. That’s not leadership. Mediocrity at it’s best

PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP ! You are the problem. You Maathais and millions like you support and defend said mediocrity. When honest people point out the mediocrity you call them FOREIGN agents.

sithole thread

Shut up too, there are no honest people in Kenya.
We gave the top EACC job to a man of the cloth, a retired Arch Bishop at that believing that he was morally and ethically too principled to be compromised.
What has he done since he landed the office?Nothing, zero, nada.
He’s just content to report to office earning his huge salary waiting to die as the corruption networks roar on uninterrupted.

The funny thing is that the idiot is taking hawkers and mat drivers instead of policy makers.