Nairobi politics: you float or sink in the slums. is it a matter of law or emotions ? ? ?

So he supports demolition of expensive modern buildings but not demolition of slums? Atleast anajua huko ndio alitoa kura

This is playing politics 2022

that means all illegal structures demolished by the roadside will be up by monday.

The demolitions already happened. Na nairobi ilikuwa inabomolewa na kanjo. Asha chukiwa mtaa

Sonko is Nairobi’s own Drumpf, as unstable as a three-legged table.

This must be why he is trying to appease them…

we luck strong willed leaders, Hon. Michuki style.

Hehe true na maisha yaendelee

yeap, Nairobi have gone to the dogs till 2027.

Didn’t he say that he recorded Waititu since he(Waititu) was opposing the demolitions and that he(Sonko) was helpless as the instructions were being ordered from above?
Didn’t he realize then that the majority poor who elected him would also be affected?
This is pure boolshiet.
Sonko also sits on the Nairobi regeneration committee meetings thus he’s always aware in advance of the planned activities.

But he is speaking on behalf of the committee. So the blame is not on him.

aki kenya kwani tulilaaniwa na nani…what sort of leaders are these now?

michuki chose the gun instead of the law. shortcut yaani. Aliondoa vijana duniani ati ni munguki, a useless endevour really. Just hurting poor mothers for no reason. Why not deal with the underlying issue: poverty, joblessness, hopelessness.

You can’t kill them all! Same with nkaissery. Ameangusha hutu tuvijana na yeye mwishowe amejionea. kilio cha mnyonge pia kinaye anaye mskia.

Deal with the issue don’t wipe out the participants.

si demolition ni PR tu. kuondoa raiya kwa maneno ya sukari na corruption.

michuki was firm though, on matters policy. lakini pia, what was mungich thinking, they tried to eliminate Michuki at his rural home, i mean, what did they expect ? they declared war on the man, and he took the challenge head on.

What he is simply saying, the project of slums upgrading is a no no, when you upgrade the old Eastland, Comprising of Kariakor, starehe, muthurwa, shauri moyo, Bahati, kaloleni, Uhuru, Jericho, maringo, Makongeni. And the slums of Kibra, Mathare and Kiambiu, you just eliminated 80% of his votes. He can’t support that

a true lord of poverty he is.

he was a homeguard. A D.O in the white man’s govt. So naturally when faced with his old enemy, this time the sons and daughters of the disenfranchised Mau Mau he still chose the gun.

He represents the STATUS QUO in every single way. By STATUS QUO I mean the path Mzee Jomo Kenyatta chose. And the others who followed fuatad his nyayo. Kufuata nyayo.

This STATUS QUO path states that the ordinary citizen is secondary. His needs are secondary. This path also states that the ordinary citizen is to be lead and never consulted nor listened to because he is a dumbass just like the mzungu govt. used to say.

In that sense the govt. operates in its own world of kifua. Govt. hujiambia na inafanya and that’s why things never work because the ordinary citizen doesn’t own those changes. Those changes don’t change the citizen’s life.

Look at Michuki traffick rules, they failed. Look at his cleaning of rivers, they failed.

Look at the recent wakhungu plastic cleanup, it has failed. Simply because the STATUS QUO does what it wants and not what the people want. It doesn’t consult the sheep. Mara ngapi utaskia, “Naomba serikali…” but they don’t listen. There’s never a seat down, so they fail. They are bound to fail constantly.

Is Sonko a leader?