Sonko PERMANENTLY banned from stepping kwao Patco

“Kwani America ni mbinguni” :D. For starters, this means he also won’t be able to step into UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada because those countries are in an intelligence sharing pact known as “Five Eyes”. He would be restricted to third rate Arab emirates and within shithole Africa, what could go wrong

This designation inapita pia na his immediate family members :smiley: Uncle Sam is one badass mothafucka



Uhunye ameamua kumaliza hii kijana kabisa

Uhuru huwa a background type of guy. Sonko alimtusi in public akanyamaza. Kumbe…

Does it mean that these are the corrupt/only corrupt kenyans…i doubt.

It’s just a special designation. He can travel to those countries if he gets a new Visa.

He won’t get a visa, new or otherwise.

Lakini in the whole republic ni Sonko tu ndio master ya corruption na kickbacks? The US can just f* off na hii ujinga, waregeshe gold ya Libya Sonko aunde new heavyweight chain na matching bracelet.

Kwani tena amefanya nini ndio apewe hio ban ?

If they start publicly banning 9000 crooks in Kenya, then another 6000 in Uganda, 8000 in Zimbabwe……then that whole process will lose meaning. The rest of the crooks are just quietly rejected applications.

So what’s the criteria, one crook per country ama the first one to steal a million dollars from the start of each year. Ama its just bullshit from the guys who keep yapping innocent until proven guilty.

No he can’t. The website has stated he is ineligible to enter the US.

When Ruto was undergoing ICC trials, was he eligible to enter the US? And what’s happened since?