Sonko on twiraa

I completely endorse his fwerkin sentiments. Where need be, some jungle laws need to prevail.

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who will do the shooting?

Does Sonko really have the power to authorize a shoot to kill order or is he forgetting his place?

You’re forgetting that the presidency is ran by cartels. When Uhunye said that his hands are tied when it comes to corruption, he knew what he meant.

[ATTACH=full]75008[/ATTACH]huyu ame mjibu vizuri


Yaawn. Another politician hiding behind the keyboard to display their idiocy.


ni pesa ya campaign inatafutwa au nini, hawa wasee wame grow balls all of a sudden


Sometimes I think school is not important till Sonko opens his mouth. His advisors must be the kind of uneducated gangbangers and hooligans that surround hip hop musicians or the likes of Pablo Escobar

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“Mike Mbuvi (Sonko) will write to you a personal ‘thank you’ email, on the launch day!.”

Why are we like this?