Sonko Mischief

Unconfirmed that 2 people sustained Gunshot wounds from the Sonko Mob …

Why does he always get away with this Thuggery …??? :mad::mad:

Juu yeye ni Bazuu.
Ask watu wa Eastlando

Makosa ya Sonko hapo ni gani? Mwenye kufyatua risasi aseme mbona alifanya hivyo. #Common sense. Na driver ajieleze pia.

Kazi ya vip security si rahisi, wakenya tujipende and avoid rallies.

He was under threat there

Bonobo psycophancy cant be explained:D:D

Why did they need to eject him?

Sonko is a primary school drop out.

His reasoning is equivalent to a beetle

Enyewe siasa is for the turds/poor.

Catch a politician campaigning in Runda nikupee $100.

just two weeks of declaring ambitions and the guy is already leading according to polls, no wonder odm sees him as a threat, and this will plunge kuzimia into further chaos

IEBC refused to clear him, I doubt he will even be on the ballot.

What does your conscious tell you?

Is he the right candidate?

If your answer is tick…you are the problem!

Huu ni mchezo wa ujanja, sio werevu. Kuna haja gani kujaza madigirii na ma PHD hadi kichwa karibu ivuke kwa wazimuland, na bado huna kakitu…ni investment ya masomo tu. Kuna mwengine alikataa masomo lakini anaishi ligi nyengine. Maisha inahitaji ujanja. Ukibahatika kuwa mwerevu pia ni added advantage. Runda, Muthaiga, Karen, Kile etc ni sparsely populated with privacy and high literacy levels…hawapangwikangi sababu wanajua ukweli. Wewe mwenyewe unaamini mwanasiasa yeyote akikwambia Sonko aliiba, au alishindwa na City hall sababu hujui ukweli, ila mambo kwa ground unaezapata ni tofauti.


Why is Sonko appearing at an Azimio Rally uninvited in the first place?

Idle chaotic idiot, that’s why. :D:D:D

Narc party leader, Charity Ngilu, was quick to condemn the former Nairobi governor, accusing him of displaying bad manners.
The Kitui governor stated that the Mombasa gubernatorial hopeful was in the wrong for allowing his convoy to force its way through the crowd.
Mombasa Governor, Hassan Ali Joho, also had words for Sonko, criticizing him for planning to disturb the rally.
Joho also told off Sonko for criticizing him for allowing the national government to move some operations from the port of Mombasa to the Naivasha inland port.
Sonko’s entry into the race has caused jitters, with recent popularity polls placing him in second with 28 percent affinity, 14 percentage points shy of Abdulswamad’s 42 percent. The ex-Nairobi governor is also the latest entrant into the race.

Notably, the eligibility of the former Nairobi county boss to contest in the August election still hangs in the balance with Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s (IEBC) Abdi Guliye noting that the Commission would be deliberating on the matter and give a way forward.
But the electoral body stated that it cannot prevent anyone from contesting in the August polls, citing a 2013 High Court ruling that allowed Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto to run for office despite facing charges of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The sibling rivalry between Wiper and ODM threatens to scuttle the gains made by Azimio in the coast region.

Si angekuja mapema… kumbafffff yeye.

What were they ejecting him for?

Don’t insult beetles . The scarab beetle can bury dung 250 times it’s mass in one night! Very intelligent animal . It’s the symbol for khepri and Ra the rising sun God

Many issues here …
1/ why would Sonko attend and try to disrupt an Azimio rally …??
2/ why shoot and injure Azimio supporters and not get arrested …??
3/ chances are , he may not even get IEBC clearance to contest due to his criminal past …

I think you are a broken record. Anyway here are the answers.

  1. Wiper is in Azimio, Kalonzo okayed him to run as Azimio-Wiper candidate.
  2. Though he came late, his persons life was threatened. His security eliminated ay threat advancing towards him
  3. How was he cleared to run in Nairobi?

Am not supporting the fella but hii ni witch-hunt!!!

A few days ago

I apologise to the beetles for my reckless outburst.