Sonko joins Babu Owino in dismantling Saks. (Lazima iwork)


Sakaja is a fast learner, if things on the ground are not working then just engage in sideshows… His UDA boss has taught him well.


90S Laughing GIF
90S Laughing GIF

Babu owino hushtua huyu jama sana. But knowing Ruto you might find that Babu owino ni project yake for 2027 chini ya maji


Babu ni meffi in my eyes

The admin of this account, @sani, is on record warning elders about Sakaja and Moses Kuria. Hawafai. Hawafai ata kidogo.


Sakaja hanaga akili. If there’s possibility of harm, parents should not let their children eat the food. If the claim is true, he should have secretly collected evidence and let it happen. Everything can be used for politics

I think so.

Kuna siku babu didn’t vote against a certain UDA bill in parliament. Rumour has it alipewa something with Ruto.

Even his early clearance from the DJ EVOLVE Case was instigated by RUTO.

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