Sonko, Joho and Waititu

In another thread, I saw someone citing those [Sonko, Joho and Waititu] as examples of bad leaders.
Now tell me, what is inherently wrong with them?
Waititu may have gone overboard in [allegedly]awarding a tender to his wife. But surely, who doesn’t know that that is how these things are done in Kenya. That people aspire to leadership in order to grow their wealth. Who doesn’t know how mama ngina became super-wealthy? Waititu’s only sin was that of being transparent: that is, awarding a tender directly to his wife and daughter, rather than using a proxy. At the fullness of time, the question will have to be answered as to whether being a governor’s wife/daugher disqualifies you from getting government jobs/tenders. Because if we adopt that thinking, the leaders will then shift to shafting us through proxies.
As for Sonko and Joho, just because they are not very ‘educated’, so they are bad? Does it mean that the ‘uneducated’ people, who are the majority, shouldn’t aspire to leadership? That leadership should be left to a small cabal of ‘educated’ people? Knowing that in years gone by, only people from a small group of families were able to attain education? Then will ours be a democracy or a feudalism?
What did Kidero, a doctorate-holder, do for Nairobi?
Anyway, mpende msipende, those are the leader who will continue rising to the top. Leader who at least have an idea what the interests of the common man on the ground are.

Tell us samsin new…
Samsin you want to do with them
Samsin never done before.
Samsin we don’t know

The war on corruption has to start from somewhere

Ever heard of something called conflict of interest?

Enyewe ignorance is bliss.

Waititu’s only sin was associating with Arror

I agree with @sani . These guys are being fought specifically because of their association with Loot-All

The only way to not be in trouble with the law is to not break the law in the first place.

everybody steal but don’t do it so openly ,I agree .But these cases are very skewed to supporters of ruto. obado was accused of the same, money was traced to his kids accounts ,almost 2b, on top of it he’s a key murder suspect but he’s still the governor. .
Fight against corruption shouldn’t have sacred cows,Eacc should be disbanded ,CS macharia openly swindled millions by painting a red stripe on thika rd but he was never questioned.

Enlighten us then.