Sonko is taking the bait

Earlier, it would have been hard to impeach the nigger, because of his ‘popularity’.
But with the ad-hoc reforms he is trying out in the mat sector, his impeachment will be a walk in the park, when the time for it comes.

Has there ever beeen a succesfull impeachment and it worked? Si waki ni impeach nakimbia kortini kuhonga judge.

Kwani madereva na makanga huvote time ya impeachment ya Governor??Ama unamaanisha nini…
With his money atanunua hao MCA’s wote

If wambora survived numerous impeachments this will not even bother Sonko

Hehehehe. Utangoja sana.

Impeachment in Kenya is akin to a fart in a hurricane.

Just know that the MCA’s were in support of the matatu CBD ban. That should tell you

Ati sonko awe impeached never hio Ni Kama kungoja admean nanii akubali nude photos hapa kijijini

Twambie ingine lakini sio maneno ya impeachment!