Sonko impeached by MCAs


Great news the chokora tried to rally people on tweeter

Impeached by Uhuru not MCA

Interesting times ahead! sasa Uhuru atachapwa kiboko na hii Sonkora

Finally the dog is out

Im only interested in recovery of whatever he looted + interest.
Then a declaration that he is barred from holding any public office forever…by forever i mean even in the afterlife.

Wished the dog was dead

Uhuru is correcting the mistakes he did at the altar of politics. Bringing people like Sonko, Waititu and Echesa close to governance and management of public resources was a shame and a dent to his reign and administration.

:smiley: someone who couldn’t rally MCAs anatisha nani

Why so much hatred. He was incompetent but the current administration is not any better. You are hating because he disagreed with the cartels or because he differed with your ichaweri husband?

Uruhu is worse

Uhuru was not a supporter of Sonko and has never been. He supports Peter Kenneth. Uhuru was not a supporter of Waititi. Please nigga…

Na sasa ni MCA wagani walipelekwa treat Mombasa na Sonkoree?

Its all about the Northern City and removing the stumbling block who was Sonko … now you have to forget if there was something called Nairobi CBD

Mistakes??? The kenyan pple made the biggest mistake by having him and Ruto in gava. Look at the economy, debt, corruption. The kenyan nation is literally exploding from every side. The only positive thing is that he will energise the hustler side of the govt and the skies will fall.

Good riddance!

I concur. Chokora aende nyumbani kabisa.

The first mistake was in 2013, those two should never have been elected. Support ya people’s chietha babuon imesaidia kumuondoa chokosh.

I wish you knew how the Kenyatta’s Roll, Hiyo northlands City is not urgent to them at all, they say that their great great grand kids can build it.

I stumbled upon the Northlands land documentation, Kuna mpaka loan documents zenye babayao alitumia kununua hio shamba.

Hutaki apewe cheo chochote in the afterlife?
Hata ya Nare-keeper?