Sonko goons wanted for robbery with violence

I gave up on our police force the day a full OCS went in front of a judge and denied his own written statement in the Aladwa case. And he was a key witness. @obienga did DCI/DPP ever do anything about that guy or it was swept under the carpet

The police are carrying us avocado, these guys even now are relaxed outside City Hole

The case will likely churn on before Aladwa is acquitted when Kenyans short memories have been exhausted. We will have to see if the DPP can show that his office has not been “captured” first by the cartels and second by the “state”. The State Law office has shown that it is effectively in bed with the cartels. Aladwa’s case is comparatively not serious, we have the Kamani brothers case collapsing as witnesses including Githongo sing to the tunes of their new masters.

If you thought there was justice in Kenya, it only exists for the few, here is the latest miscarriage:

MP Simon Mbugua arrested in Nairobi

Kama utapewa pesa hizi zote 500,000 unafaa kujiuliza hizo pesa utakula mwenyewe ama zitakuliwa na watu wenu ukiwa mafichoni ama kwa shimo¿??