Sonko goons wanted for robbery with violence


If they have their faces, they know them…what the work of DCIs . We are VERY busy Ktalk Mberrioneous.


Those thugs will be inside very fast. 500k is very motivating.

Putting their pictures out is not only for helping in looking for them but also to serve as a warning to future goons

hawa you just make them disappear as an example

Youth raundi hii lazima wagutuke. Mambo si kutumiwa na politicians to carry out their dirty deeds.

Mimi Uwesmake & Group of Handles hawawezi nilipa pesa for such shenanigans that would cost me my future.

hawa sonko ata bail out within seconds na cash kwanza.

So, DCI wants Kenyans to think its officers don’t know the names of these thugs? Tunabebwa kama watoto.

Sonko doesn’t want anything to do with them not unless he uses proxies to release them.

That’s what he says, hawa ni mobilizers wake huko grassroots (read ghetto). Hawezi kuwaacha.

someone should deal with sonko, and i mean a final solution. He is behaving like drug lord in South America.

Inakaa career as a goon is being discouraged

Hawa wanafaa wakule ugali pale kwa neti for at least 10 years each. The case should also be widely covered by the media to instill common sense to thugs.

If I may ask, is robbery with violence (Stroke II) bailable?

No. You’re (meaning the culprit) a danger to everybody around you so judges keep you locked up

Not sure, but I think it is.

What will they plead when they arrested? Insanity might work in the States but this is Nairobi. We sal ci.

Since our 2010 confusitution, you can murder a person today and be bailed tomorrow.

But those guys had some nerve, they were actually talking about throwing that man into the pool, among other things, in front of all those cameramen. If people can do that publicly, just imagine what they can do to you in private. Lakini Kenyans na warthog memory zao, hii kesi hakuna mahali inaenda. Yule mwingine, yule “state house insider” mwenye alipiga passenger karibu amuue juu alishuka matatu, nani anajua vile kesi yake inaendelea? Exactly. Huyo pia polisi walimtafuta sana, na kila mtu alikuwa anajua penye yeye huwa… Hawa goons ata siezi shangaa kuskia wao hukamata kanywaji na Boinnet.
My point is, let’s bend over and receive our buggering with decorum. Tusisumbue saaaana.

Bandit country is the name