Sonko free to nominate DG while facing corruption charges

The High Court has declined to issue orders stopping the county assembly from vetting Anne Mwenda for the position of Nairobi’s deputy governor.
Justice Mumbi Ngugi on Wednesday directed that Sonko and the assembly file their responses in the case ahead of the next mention date on February 17.
In December last year, Anti-Corruption Court Magistrate Douglas Ogoti barred Sonko from accessing county offices unless accompanied by an investigating officer or any other authorised person.

The court, while laying out his bail terms, also barred Sonko from approaching any witnesses.

This was after the county chief denied charges of money laundering and unlawful acquisition of public property at City Hall amounting to Sh357 million.
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It seems these judges are not on the same page. Accessing the office doesn’t only mean going there physically. It means calling there, emailing there, sending people there, even issuing orders…

Judge Ogoti got it right in my view.

How does appointing a Deputy interfere with investigations? How much time does the DCI and DPP need to gather evidence?

Why is his case taking so long to start?

Why is the DPP not presenting any evidence in court?

Why was the assault charge against him dropped?

If he escaped from prison, and faked his own death to avoid serving his sentence, why is the state not prosecuting him for that?

The state is not interested in Justice, it only wants to weaken the pillars around Arror, his strongholds, his trusted lieutenants, nothing else

Sonko is suffering for fighting cartels at City Hall, and refusing to join Anti Arror brigade

If he can appoint a DG from outside can he also fire employees? Because if he can fire somebody then the potential witnesses will not want to cooperate with investigators.
But I agree with you, this investigating and the charges are just a sham.