When a peasant is throwing a handful of maize grains at a chicken can it be said tht he is helping the chicken? NO! he is only feeding the chicken so that he can consume it next week or next month. The same thing With Pharmacist Sonko. He is always after FAME and Reverse Sympathy, Sonko is a very cunning thug.

He lures the poor like the Carnivorous Pitcher Plant lures insects into its trap

stop hating punk a**

All what I know is that many, many peoples lives especially young peoples lives have been changed. Much as he is a drug dealer, one poor person’s life changed is something very big in the eyes of God. That is one less beggar, one less mugger, one less life taken by crime, poverty and hopelessness. Those who have interacted with hopeless destitute young people in Kenya know why this man is a god. He has done what government with all our tax dollars haven’t.

When a family can’t do a wedding and funeral and he helps you can’t understand what that means to that family. Sonko to me is an icon. Beloved more than anyone of you his critics can understand. If all you had to look forward to was jail or death, how is Sonko not a god if you can now support your family and have a future and hope?

I adore people who change the lives of others especially when it’s people who have lost hope and have nobody to give them a hand in life.

To me Sonko is that mythological Saint who changes lives forever. In my eyes every bad thing he has done is overwritten by the lives he has saved. Long live Sonko. God will see him through. You just wait and see.

In the Bible King Hezekiah was doomed to die but God saw all the good he had done in his life and added him 15 years of life.

Capote is an ardent defender of Khamis Kabumba- a talented fraudster and conman who moved from conning individual land buyers to conning an entire nation to elect him.

Dont expect stupid african minds to see the truth

If you are not a mzungu you have a low self esteem

Your stupidity amazes me… the difference between me and you is that I have very high standards. I am sure you wallow in mediocrity.

those standards are not applicable in our society. all politicians are thugs, but sonko uses lube, he cares about the poor, gives them water and hearses, covers their shame when they have emergencies. thts all we need, we don’t want those big standards. we eat our own bread. we are happy in our slums as you have nightmares in your castles. we only need water and sonko provides it to us. we love him.