Sonko does it again with deep state help

Most pea size brained Kenyans will not agree to this. : this traffic stuff is from the playbook of diversion politics. The Ksh 150 billion that has been borrowed over the weekend to pay for the other loan taken earlier. Kenyans are true dimwits!

Huyo mtoi ako kwa avi yako mbona anaka mtu mashida shida hivi. Wale watoi unyimwa dish mtaani.

You are right @digi. Hii ni diversionary tactic ya hii mshwari yenye walidunga weekend ndio walipe Tala.

Huyo ndiye true Kenyan

This gazette notice about the matatu ban was issued in 2017.
Are you saying that between now and then, taking a loan is the worst thing the government has done to employ this massive diversionary tactic.
There have been greater sins with this government. Borrowing some pocket change does not capture Kenyans’ attention.
I think you’re the dimwit.

This stupidity of calling Kenyans dimwits is getting tiresome. Who are you trying to impress? What did you expect Kenyans to do? Every lamebrain with nothing to say must come here and call Kenyans dimwits, pretending they are more intelligent than their countrymen. Saitan.