Sonko and Igathe fall out as State House takes charge of City Hall

Igathe must have peeped in Uhuru’s kitchen and saw something cooking, or knew what have been cooking all along.


State House is virtually running City Hall, making key decisions and appointments and reducing Governor Mike Sonko to a disgruntled figurehead.

An intergovernmental committee in the President’s Office is deciding major projects, awarding mega contracts and filling influential posts in the capital.

It’s all part of Jubilee’s pre-election script to safeguard state interests in the capital, which generates 60 per cent of Kenya’s GDP.

The Star has established Sonko and Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe have a frosty relationship after the city boss learned of State House’s efforts to have Igathe run the show.

“This is state capture, control of resources going to the counties and political positioning by the executive,” Ndung’u Wainaina, Executive Director of the International Centre for Policy and Conflict, told the Star.

On November 8, the head of state told Sonko to his face to focus on politics and the leave day-to-day running of the city to Igathe and Tourism CS Najib Balala.

Igathe, former MD of Vivo Energy, is a well-connected professional.

This is understood to have taken place at a meeting on regenerating Nairobi, held at Harambee House and chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“The President told the boss to focus on city politics and leave Igathe to run the county. He [Sonko] did not utter a word, only nodded,” a source who attended told the Star.

Sonko now is said to be fed up with unfolding events and being relegated to bystander status.

He only goes to his City Hall office at night and spends the day at his private office at Lilian Towers, sources close to behind-the scenes manoeuvres tell the Star.

Sonko and Igathe have not picked numerous calls during this investigation.

The state denies it is running City Hall.

State House has, however, directly seconded individuals to six CEC positions. Peter Kariuki, former head of State House’s Project Delivery Unit, has been designated county secretary.

Although he had expected to have a free hand in appointing Chief Officers, this didn’t happen. Presentation of nominees was delayed over high-level horsetrading.

CECs were sworn in a month ago and it was expected chief officers would soon follow.

City Hall sources describe intense lobbying for the 17 positions, the equivalent of Principal Secretaries. They are chief accounting officers in county departments.

While Sonko is putting on a brave face, people who know him say he resents erosion of his power and, in effect, his demotion to a ceremonial leader.

State House insiders tell the Star say everything is going according to Jubilee plan.

Last month, Sonko created the position of deputy county secretary — not provided in law — in an apparent attempt to accommodate his own loyalists. This is after State House filled most influential positions.

Sonko is like a dummy hood scoop on a Subaru 1498cc with no Turbo.
Haina kazi.

It doesn’t add up, if this was the case, why would Igathe resign knowing that he has the backing of the government and should shit hit the fan, it’s Sonko who is likely to be thrown under the bus?

Maybe, Igathe felt his presence was not essential, if StateHouse was calling the shots. He might have opted to be a committee member, and while at it go back to employment in the private sector.

so the jubilee govt is behind all the troubles we have been have been having in the city ?

It started as a romour that statehouse has taken over the city hall,
It was then said that sonko and his deputy have are not in terms,
And it has come to pass.
Who is next?
Good times awaits…

sensationalism journalism at its best,before they said pk was state house project,. I as a jubilee pointman in nairobi endorse the picking of dennis kariuki waweru as DG

So Igathe is going to be a CS?

no ,nairobi county will remain intact until sonko term comes to an end,niko nyuma ya sonko

Hehe, nairobi ata wakati wa campaign tulisema we want one of our own.

nope ingekuwa apewe CS hange resign kama drama queen embarrassing the jubilee govt .

All appointments in Nairobi had the handiwork of Sonko, personal opinion are now part of the papers submission

We unangojea ruto akuwe rais bado?

Shughulikieni hii kwanza

si ati tunangojea,we will vote him in


You have a mingikiress for a wife. You are rich. Calculate your life expectancy…

I was hearing Igathe speak on NTV the other day. And he was speaking like he had let the governor down and totally defeated in his work.

Sonko had left the administrative running of things to Igathe which failed to pan out fast enough.

He’s not getting a CS job

Hehehehehehe… Sonko reminds me of this mongrel.

The split was inevitable:

Ati if the burden is too heavy - Iga The!