Sonko and His rescue Team

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:D:D mbona hajaweka gibleys

An illiterate person can never be a leader because it is very hard to convince one to reason beyond his thinking. Akili Ndogo.

Kuna Napoleon mahali.

Sonko has already done more than what kidero did in five years…

Of course the potholes, garbage and never ending jams are phenomenal.

Maybe only in Naivasha.

Yeah, that’s what the cartoon is showing.



Hao ni watu wa Naps

Coicidently Naivasha kuna kichijio

condoms kila place.


You live in a cave or what?


It is not so much being illiterate, it’s being a fool. Yeye na Trump ni kama wako na kaugonjwa similar.

Illiteracy sio kitu, many men my grandfather’s age couldn’t read or write but they were very wise people.

Wachana na Mercedes Benz zetu…akina Jose wa funda wanakulia kothi

Wonderfool wonder

Sonko had to deal with kidero cartels and it’s not easy