Sonko Amepea DJ Kalonje Uppercuts


Penda sanaaa :D:D:D

Mwanaume ako na makeii ataendaje kuambia politician amsaidie.

Men have become sissies. Aingie mjeii kama wanaume wengine.

Its high time men realize that they are not women. If you have a d*ck between your legs, you should know hakuna mama yako Nairobi.

Depression is for women. True. True. Mimi sielewi venye mwanaume mzima can get depressed. Of course there are very specific extreme situations kama ya soldiers returning from war.

I say Sonko is right on this.

Umekuwa psychologist sasa keypii??

Eeh najuanga meffi wewe unakuanga predisposed to depression. Pussh


Sonko ako na pesa mingi akiombwa tu ni shida gani?

Kwani nowadays kalonje hapati gigs

What exactly causes male depression, lets start from there.

Uppercut zipewe heshima…sikuona any…but umama ya sonko…ati upper cut

Mental health is real, and it’s unfortunate for society to designate it as a gender affair.

Hata Mimi nakubaliana na Sonko hapa. Heri nitombe pesa yangu pole pole.

Hii chokora yetu isijaribu hizi stingo kwa jsks ,atadungwa Mercury akue zombie

Male depression hukua tu pesa…stack it right hio inabakia tu dictionary word

Did your kid die of cancer? Sorry bro, stack that paper and you’ll forget all about it.
Your loved one was brutally murdered? Damn that sucks, but get that Mullah dude. Traumatic experience? Money money money! Gotta stack it right!

High estrogen

Chokosh ako Sawa Ile makosa amefanya is kicking a man when he is down.
Hii kijiji tulikubaliana hakuna kutwanga MTU sweep akiwa Chini. Kasee najua uko hizi area. You scooped to low by kicking dijei below the belt.

Okay. Male depression exists. No doubt. My problem is, the western world is normalizing depression. So much such that its typical for every douche to hide their flaw behind depression. And you know the major effects of that, a very de-emasculated society. Not every case is depression, and unless in very obvious cases such as the ones outlined by @BDE , the rest is bs.

How rampant is it ? Do you know, wintery weather can cause depression in it’s self alone , and that the approaching season is gonna be disastrous ?
Even if it was a women thing, can a man inherit it from the mother ?

What are you trying to say? That depression is hereditary?? My boy that condition solely and wholly depends on a situation.

uyo kalonje anakaa shoga