Sonko akaendelea na JKL uko city hall

Sasa sonko anasema Aki release evidence moja ita maliza political career ya passaris. Mimi na shuku Ni sex tape

What we have learnt.
1Drug money ain’t that bad after all.
2 Money is power.
3.Sonko is the cleanest rats in the sewer “mbna nmpee pesa ya corruption”
4.sonko is childish and there’s a high likely hood he has a small dick
5.sonko ni aupha male amechoka na Pussy ya huyo milf
6.kenyans never learn


haha…ati 5555 ni triple 5 triple 5. Sonko needs Jesus…but i like what he is doing

tucker tucker

oga is going crazy at the office in the dead of the night. sonko has confessed to having been a conman, escaping from at least one prison, and having been jailed at about 4 others. I always thought these are usually rumours.

I give it to Sonko. Natambua huyu jamaa, but i can’t vote for him. As long , as a country, we fail to eradicate poverty, the likes of Sonko and Joho will always find their way in politics.

we first have to find brains for those who vote for the likes of Songo…lack of some’s our biggest challenge.

What have those with brains done apart from creating laws that secure their interests? What has UK, a well learned president done to curtail corruption apart from saying munataka nifanye nini and diversionary tactics like withdrawing 1000 notes instead of arresting the perpetrators of corruption?
What did Kidero do with all his mastery in class against the crude sonko? Saa zingine leadership is inherent on desire to cause and shape change something lacking in our political class, judiciary and executive. Sonko has really tried even with his rants here and there.

Did he share what he smokes with you?

How will a sex tape finish anyone…in fact it will relaunch her flagging political career…hii ni kenya

Hawa wawili wanajuana Kwa vilemba.

mzae hapana tusi sisi,hata uchaguzi ufanyike saa hii navotia sonko liwe liwalo

Apana chesa na pesa

Kwani ni wewe?

He has faults but I laud his honesty.

Isn’t honesty a key element in leadership?

Sonko will get re elected because of this. It looks like people are trying to fight him. I actually think he’ll run for DP or President.

kijana umenena…sonko aendelee na works…this people think they can manipulate everyone

Sonko ako sawa,Passaris tried to play the ‘woishe’ card but amepatana na mjinga.