Sonko a Disgrace

I never supported this guy, I knew he would make Nairobi a garbage city, a city where everyone flees from. It is such a shame that the capital city of kenya has deteriorated. The capital city where the first time visitors visit kenya is a whole hell of shit. Walk along the streets of Tom Mboya and Moi Avenue and you will notice potholes everywhere. Garbage is every where now in the city. The capital city is smelling. Hawkers have invaded even up to the interior parts of the city. They have even setup up business outside cooperative bank operating untouched. The congestion is worst. It is not easy to walk across the city. The cars and bodaboda now rides even on the pedestrian lanes untouched. When I see things like this i feel like loosing hope in my own country even though I was born there. What stops the national government from allocating funds to rehabilitate all the roads in the cbd if the governor is incompetent. What stops them from banning 14 seater matatus from operating in nairobi and coming up with stages of public service vehicles outside cbd so as to prevent psvs from entering cbd. What stops them from taking the management of capital city through constitutional means and convert it to a capital city territory while they have tyranny of numbers. You mean this guys are not seeing the capital city is degrading the way i am seeing. The place the first time visitors will judge kenya when they visit. Ama kenya tulirogwa enyewe. I dont have anything to add but to say we have the most incompetent administration from national to county goverment alike and come 2022 jubilee will get none of my vote even the so called NASA. I better waste my vote in Aukot or any other candidate but knowing i made a better choice for the future. It such disgusting and saddening to live in capital city of a middle income country that is choking in garbage, congestion and potholed roads.

weri imeje kiae ne?


Sonko ko chokoraa ne kikikochin kura kuwechawech nairobi. Chito ne useless ma mi ki nebo

Welcome aboard sonkostan

4.999 years to go!

Ngolyin muut kora. Omite akwekei.
Kikimwoiwok komokas.

I am not a voter in Nairobi. But I, without shame or fear supported Miguna. Not because he’s competent (he is an untried idealistic loudmouth but with a good brain) but because he had ideas and is incorruptible. Sonko on the other hand is a clueless populist and a drug pusher whose votes came from the fact that he dishes out handouts and that people were tired with Kidero the violent thief. Sonko cannot even manage a fish pond professionally. He thrives on pleasing people as opposed to effecting critical changes our city needs. For instance, he came up with a very good Idea of making matatus pick ans drop passengers outside the CBD. The reason the plan was shelved is because matatu owners protested the move. He couldn’t handle the pushback from the matatu owners. Because he has soft balls. On garbage, he is keen on pleasing people on social media with posts instead of implementing solid waste management. What Sonko should have done is to steal Miguna’s manifesto and implement to the letter.

Sonko is such a disgrace to Nairobi the capital city. Peter Kenneth could have been a better governor but people opposed him just because of his tribe

@langatkipro I remember when Sonko defended slums from being demolished back when Kibaki was president and had my misgivings on the guy. Then a few years ago he stated that he would convert Uhuru Park into one giant matatu terminus and knew this guy is totally kalulu. Nairobians were stunned.
Right now only 10% of me has hope that he will still deliver Nairobi. Sad

Kenyisiek mut chebo sonko kokergeitu ak chu kibo arap moi

Me I lost hope kitambo. I do not think he will deliver anything meaningful. The guy is a populist who waste his time on facebook posting public relation pictures and always complaining. He is a typical trump. He is soft and cannot implement anything meaningful because he wants to please everyone from hawkers to matatu guys to even people who dump garbage on the city knowingly

Glad that NTV just covered the ongoing deterioration of the capital city in their 7 pm news

Nairobi ni chafu hata kuliko dingy towns like Naivasha taka taka mingi niliona imedumpiwa all over waiyaki way

It’s nly been two months. Even though I don’t have much expectations from him…we should give him at least a year. The learning curve is steep.

Cartel za Kidero pia bado ziko. Kesi ya kura ilimalizwa jana.

I totally disagree with plan to plock psv from accessing CBD.

The alternative is to build parking areas for private cars on all major traffic inlets to Nairobi eg. Thika road, Westlands, valley road, langara etc. these parking will be priced low eg kes 50 per hour.

The few parking in CBD, including private parking, should be priced at kes 500 per hour. Most street parking should be removed and more bus stops built.

All low capacity PSV should be scrapped from accessing CBD (<30 pass). All PSV should have well defined route like the old days where 46 went from Githurai (??) through CBD to Kwawangware.

They should also revamp and buy new coaches for Nairobi railways. Shit look like toilets moving on rail.

Maybe major cities like nairobi, mbs and kisumu should be under national govt. Where they can be managed by a minister, ps or whatever who is nominated by the president. Someone like michuki or matiangi would straighten them up.

Vijana wa route will kill each other over the routes. But expecting Sonko a matatu owner to solve the traffic quagmire is expecting too much.

However hard it may sound in terms of job losses and so. I will suggest a situations whereby we have all matatus terminating outside the cbd and have higher capacity buses ferrying 120 people operated by the goverment parastatal run the show moving the passengers in and out of the cbd and around the cbd and charge a small cost for it. This is the only way to end congestion and ensure a properly planned urban city transport

Kibaki had started the process of phasing out 14 seater matatus by declining new registration and banning its importation but apparently these digital jubilee guys were manipulated and they gave in even including the capital city. With this soft character of Uhuru and his fear to make tough decisions, i do not see us achieving a lot

True, he is a Matatu business mogul, speaks from both sides of his mouth

I am very sure, there are very good recommendations gathering dust in the registry of city hall. If only he had the will.