Talkers I want to venture into songwriting .The first step of course is jotting down which I have already started .My main concern is what next ,who do I approach .If they accept what I’ve written how will I earn .
Anybody knowledgeable or directly involved in such activities can help me .Information is power .

Forrowing keenry

Which genre…?? Actually if it’s gospel I can help you… Give you contacts and all

I have not limited myself to any ,I’ll write anything that comes to mind .
if I manage to write a gospel one definitely I’ll let you know

What you do is to find what you wanna sing about. Eg, you wanna sing a song called Desire. Research more about it and pen down notes along the way. Get a tune and eventually you will have something. NB…you must be good at a certain music instrument.

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If you want to write gospel songs, specialize in worship songs only. Thank me later.

You mean these obvious lyrics?

Bwana ni mchungaji wangu,
Sitapungukiwa kitu,
Hunilaza kwenye majani mabichi…

nilikuwa mgonjwa, akanipona
majirani walinichukia, wakaja kunipenda…

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First off you need to make a demo tape/cd. You can use just your voice, just the tap-tap-tap on the table to keep your tempo, your instrument - if you are using one; or whatever - just make something to showcase your talent.

youtube more.

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Good luck telling producers this.

Serious ones, not the mikono juu kind.

thank you