Songo vs Kenneth

Peter Kenneth seems to be battle ready, repulsing Sonko and Waweru who tried to invade his function hehe

As i said Kidero can not and will not beat PK NASA better be shopping for a replacement otherwise we losing that seat.

In any case Kidero has under performed just like Uhuru Kenyatta.

Miiguna x2


Mi naona Kenneth atarukwa. Jubilee sycophants don’t like him.

Kura kwa miguna afagie uchafu wote inayotukumba wakaazi wa Nairobi


Atafikia aje hawkers and poor people? Hawezi shinda facebook hadi August. Watu wa social media huchocha mtu alafu wanamtupa.


Na kuna watu wanaconsider sonko for governor?
Miguna bado hajamaliza kutayarisha exposé ya PK ya corruption?

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Miguna - hata kupata 50k votes ni ndoto, unless all anti-bimbos vote for him
PK/Sonko - 2 eggs in one tray, ni gani itavunjika ya kwanza
Kidero - Show me one project his done within a radius of 5km from cbd, and i will vote for him


The only real opponent sonko has is PK and they will sabotage him:

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Hiyo kidero ni mwizi. Alimaliza mumias . That’s where he lost me . He doesn’t deserve 2nd term. Very few governors will come back by the way. Mwizi pamoja na kalasinga


on another note, what if Nairobi ikue under National govt, what are the pros and cons?

PK is a sissy. a weakling. If you decide to become presidential material you don’t demote yourself just to get a position. Bure sawa sawa. Miguna talks too much but does very little. I know it is not officially campaign time yet but he has not organized a single meet the people tour in the last eon to date. How does he expect Owino in lower Karen to know he exists. Bure sawa sawa. I tend to trust him though. I believe he would actually try to jail Kidero exactly as he says it. Can the rest of Nairobi view him with the same googles? Can Kamau (interpret as a tribal group) really get to terms with the name Miguna twice? Your bet is as bad as mine, shall we say, if only to sound ironical

Sonko, Sonko who? I don’t understand this man. He is not in the directorship of any big manufacturer, I would be interested in one source of his income. No, my vote cant just be tossed into the winds.

Sakaja, he elicits some interest from me. If only he was not in Jubilee, but one may have to ignore the party of a good candidate if the worst came to the worst. Aaah?
Passaris, I may vote for her if she took some semi nude photos I swear, that woman is hotish to be honest. Voted for her once though she lost then. Repeatable, Nada!
Waweru, I don’t like him. there are people whose blood just does not mix with yours for no apparent or good reason really…Waweru&Ochithunder, antonyms.
Kidero, If he were the last candidate remaining I would go for a long drive to Kendubay if only to have a “good” reason NOT TO VOTE. Grand Pilferer, I just don’t get it why we celebrate larceny (had to look that word up in a dictionary, he he he)

By the way, if RAO does not clinch the ticket, NASA will never achieve 50% voter turnout in Nyanza, take my word for it. Politics is about popularity. Deny the more popular candidate a chance, without a clear successor (given this his last stab) and experience voter apathy of gargantuan proportions. NASA has a very high hurdle to cross. And I do not support RAO, necessarily. I am just stating “facts” as I “see” them.

Use your vote wisely, I will try to do the same but cant promise absolute objectivity. We are Kenyans, you know!


FYI, Dida is back.


Ill get back to Dida in a while. I remember someone asking whether it was madness that drives someone to vie for a political seat when it is OBVIOUS they have no chance and probably nothing to benefit. I guess he should be given a one word answer, “DIDA”


Nyasi ya uhuru highway.

I think I’m lucky. Mimi niko Mombasa.
I don’t think governor ni kazi kubwa kuchagua. The end game ni kuondoa the incumbent.

Hii Nairobi ingekuwa poa kama gafana ni mtu anaweza jiexpress mbele ya wengine bila kukaa pumbavu kama Sonko. Sadly enough, those people who can do so are the corrupt and irredeemably inept.


Sonko is the only person anaweza kushinda Kidero, hao wengine hawawezi

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Kushinda, then what? Sonko would be a worse governor than Kidero, take it from me.


hapan tambua Peter chieth. Sonko anashinda hii kiti saa mbili asubui

Kwanza their supporters clashed yesterday in Dago. Very reckless politics.