Son washes eyes[ATTACH=full]311107[/ATTACH]

Tulioona hii shit kabla Maraga a dry fry hiyo saiko gaaki :D:D

Jayden will be traumatized by his mother’s coomer for the rest of his life, he will have wet dreams on his mother’s boob’s for the rest of his life, in short I discourage men from creating single mothers, usimwange ndani if you don’t want to wife that poosie, leaving women raise kids the results are men who aren’t really men, men who wear makeup, love tyrannies and end up gay like Kimakia and the rende

Such a photoshoot is wrong on so many levels. Where are the feminists to tell us that this is not only OK but to be celebrated. @TrumanCapote ? And your male bashing crew:D

This message can be shared with clothes on. It’s impact would not be any less in my limited understanding of life. But I stand to be corrected… Labda kuna kitu woke sijaelewa.

this is madness

Please avoid blaming everything on feminism. Can you quote for me where feminism supports this? If men are the criminal elements, the murderers, the source of most ills in society, how do you say that you are being bashed na ni ukweli mtupi with statistics to support this?

And here is how serial killers are born. He might start raping and killing women that look like his mother and fantasize that it’s his mom he is smashing coz he can’t have her. Boy child in the hands of these women he is so messed up. Baba ya huyu anafaa amkujie.

What fukcerry is this?

If it were a naked man and his daughter ndio hatungepumua for ten years

Address this issue. Speak out boldy about this woman who is scarring a boy child for life for shosho media. Is this not as despicable as the things you highlight that men have done. I would think this deserves the same level of scrutiny. Just a thought. Justice must be blind or else it is persecution.

You have spoken like 10 wazees.

if it were a naked man and a young girl , feminists wangechizi kama f*ckin , wangeandamana kuliko ODM banae …


When it’s obvious it does not require undressing.

Hehehehehe… You cannot bring yourself to call out female lunacy. Likely a part of you agrees with it. Had it been a man? I wonder how silent you would have been given that even brokeness receives meticulous reviews from you like daily. Hehehehe… But ni sawa. Its clear its persecution and not justice. Nuff said

What is female lunacy? Is there lunacy that’s female and one that is male? Please stop being a male chauvinist. Whoever posted the thing has already said it, do I need to belabor the point, the obvious so that you can feel you have achieved some bonga points against women? If something is wrong then it’s wrong. Whichever vendetta you have with women do not pull me into it. Are you now a seer to know what I agree and do not agree with? Ati a part of me agrees with it???!!! Is this still about the child or is this about settling a score with feminists? Is the boy in the photo a pawn in your personal war with feminists? Incase you don’t know silence is consent. First of all it’s even illegal to be distributing child pornography, so this thing should be pulled down. Children’s faces should be blurred @administrator . Before you bring unnecessary war to me first follow the law. Blur the child’s face.

This is actually child abuse

:D… Sorry the issue is the unblurred child’s face. I rest my case. This is like Mike Pence being told to say “Black Lives Matter” but all he could say is the incendiary “All Lives Matter”.

Silence is not consent. These days that phrase can take a man to jail. You wax lyrical about all manner of obvious things that men do that are wrong. I just thought you had a single standard for right and wrong.

And yes. There is female lunacy and male lunacy. I do not think any man would agree to take such a picture with his daughter and start giving long stories about how Fatherhood has changed him. This is Female Lunacy. Particular to females. Male Lunacy might take other forms. But this is beyond the pale.

huyu kuna possibility atakula mamake one day… and from now on atakuwa anaangalia mamake in a sexual way

I have often told you that motherhood is different from Fatherhood in ways that nobody can fathom. Just go to jail for the rest of your life is when you will know who your mother is and the difference between a dad and a mom.

First of all, it’s illegal to reveal the child’s identity as this can expose him to further trauma. My concern is for the child’s well-being not the mother and whatever she did and why or fighting gender battles. We can not use an innocent child to prove that females are lunatics. Whatever point that was being made by this post has been made. Kindly @administrator remove this post or blur the child’s face.

Some creative guy decided to dress them up decently :D:D