Son of singo mother of 12 goes to an international school

Mungu wangu. I’ve become a daily crier now thanks to this mom and her family. If you have lost hope in the power of the God we serve, just follow this story and you will understand when I say we serve a mighty God what it is exactly that I mean.

If you have reached the end, that is where God begins. God has a purpose for everything especially hardships and persecution. This family has made me closer to my God Jehovah. Yaani daily I have to shed tears of joy when I see what the Lord is doing a new thing in this family. Ama kweli, even if your mother and father leave you, Our God will never leave you nor forsake you.

Its so moving. Huyu ni Nyanyo amelipiwa International school. After kutupwa Children’s home na kubeba bucket of shit akiwa amefungwa na babake mzazi. Oh My God what can we render to you. Who is like Our God? Adonai, Elyon, Elshaddai, Jehovah Jireh.

I don’t even open this videos kwa ofisi anymore bure nijipate nikilia uncontrollably in the office. @Finest wine come and see what the Lord has done. Who is like our God.

Mungu hutoa watu mbali. This was Nyanyos life just few years ago. Mwenye a naskia kukata tamaa, ona hii video ndio ikupe subra that God will come through for you.

Very serene sounds in that school, wherever it is.

Huyu bado anaishi ghetto according to this video from 3 months ago. Awache pressure ya kukeep up with the Joneses

Jojina I told I am a subscriber. Hii niona live. All the kids have been sponsored from Muyuh/Young Blood at Nibs to all the way down to Joy. Diasporians walijitokelezea.
She has just come from a service in Mombasa where she told her story to a sizeable audience. Enda ukaone.