Sometimes It's Better To Give Fish Than Teach Fishing..

This is a case study on how not to carry out an economic stimulus.

Rumour has it GEMA cultivated hyacinth in Lake Victoria to kill Luo fishing industry for this failed venture. o_O

[SIZE=7]Nyeri Sh300m fish moneymaker that collapsed before it spawned[/SIZE]

In the Central region, fish has never been on the menu, boys were told not to bother fishing. Cooking pots had to be aired out because they stank of fish.
But when fish farming was introduced in the Economic Stimulus Programme in 2010, farmers saw a chance to supplement their earnings from tea, coffee and dairy ventures.
But the Sh300 million project has collapsed and the Wamagana Fish Processing plant remains an Sh60 million white elephant. :D:D:D

Farmers who ventured into fish farming with the promise of a ready market had to release their fish and water into rivers. They planted food crops after the government failed to provide the market.


are you laughing at yourself

Do not be surprised… @brother has already told you why


Mangele before thinking and publishing sjit like this why not carry out a little research on how and why L. Victoria got invaded by hyacinth?

Thode pond fishes have way too many bones even for the big ones, afadhali shina fish since kisumu guys sell thier fish like elephant tusks.
Kwani this hyacinth imeshinda our scientists GoK should give egrton or Jkuat a contract to remove it, kwani this unis of ours never do reserch to help us out.

Are pond reared fish different from L. Victoria fish of Chainese exported fish?

Wewe NV, ulihata biology? Na una kiherehere miingi si umalize one idea at a time.



Water Hyacinth Re-invades Lake Victoria

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:D:D:D:Dwanted to comment but mine is also missing…

This is a very good story. In fact, it shows one of the basic mistakes when starting a business and that is – know your market! Market research is very important part of any business. If they have only asked people if they want to eat fish, probably majority would say NO

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