Sometimes it’s hard being black?

Wadau an honest question, did you ever learn to overcome any inferiority complex while based majuu assuming we ulikuwa msee wa ocha au middle class odinari na si kama @King Robert Baratheon ambaye ashakuwa na exposure ya kutosha akisoma Braeburn?

Even before you open your mouth your skin colour ensures that any light skinned retard thinks its better than you.

so she thinks blacks are there to sponge on their social welfare? We can discuss that issue here but there will be no agreement. For those outside the country but only mingle with workmates, they will dispute this

Most of the aggression ilikua ni microaggression( haiya, ngoso yako iko poa, kutaka kugusa nywele, kufuata kwa store ndio usiibe). In the beginning, they used to bother me and used to fight people( verbally) about it all the time, niliisha nguvu

Bila back story…

Watu wakule kwao. We shit in our country by electing fools,thieves and retards. Kikiumana tunakimbiza kinyambis nchi ya wenyewe.

Unless there is more to it. Sioni kitu hapo kitu serious vile, just a frustrated citizen

Exactly !!!
And if this makes some fool think "[SIZE=7]it’s hard being black", [/SIZE][SIZE=3]then its the fool that has a problem[/SIZE]


That is a true Anglo saxon, just the other day romans were calling them barbarians even ibn Battuta was disgusted by their lack of hygiene.

I dealt with some Germans and I could see the same look in their eyes.

Where were they when Khufu, khafre, menkaure and all our great black forefathers built pyramids, invented maths, philosophy and geometry. They were living in caves wearing skins.

It seems life moves in circles, probably in the next 1000 years it will all be Africans all again.

I heard of a top secret plan for the collective whites to nuclear bomb Africa the moment we start to rise. It won’t work.

Yes, I was once “based” at the Monaco grand prix. I overcame my self esteem issues by posting all my photos, including one where I was with Lewis Hamilton so that people would know where I had been on that weekend. The heading read something like “Monaco Twasija”

Another time, when Chris Kirubi the pauper (according to my high standards) died, I was abroad in South Africa, having travelled there, gone to Naivasha to watch the rally and went back again to SA on the same day. I overcame my esteem issues by wiring CKs family 2 million shillings via Mpesa through my kabambe phone.

I have overcome my esteem issues now. Thank you.

Cool story bro :cool:

East west home is best.


I dedicate this video to all self hating negroes …

[SIZE=6]Please , enjoy that video [/SIZE]