Sometimes Happiness Kills.

Too much joy can cause a heart attack.


Maisha hukuwanga funny saa zengine. You grind all your life so that “you can live good and eat the finest things in life” kisha dre anakuambia stop hio lifestyle kwa sababu ya Cholestrol and lifestyle diseases.

you evade the penalty after living in fear for 18 years then you come and die of a heart attack.

Nothing is too big or too small in this life. Don’t put all your happiness on pursuit of money and material things. Don’t push yourself beyond your ability. An asteroid may come from outer space and annihilate all present life on this planet.

Dinosaurs walimalizwa ,they ware on top of the food chain

For real for shizzle

Fo sho??

For sho

I always say,ishi maisha unaona ni comfortable kwako sio ile unaambiliwa na watu…if you fat and happy be fat and happy

He died of a heart attack, not joy. You cannot have a strong heart after living all those years behind bars riding the stress and fear of being grabbed by the collar at any random moment, and dragged out to be shot or decapitated. He lived solely to survive fear at moment of execution, perhaps not to live beyond it, because he never hoped or planned to live. He probably suddenly gave up fighting at the announcement, coz he no longer had reason to live.