Somethings we dont talk about

What if i tell you…

  1. the 5yrs experience you see in job requirements is only a determinant of your age.

  2. You only need to know the basis, That only which is meant for you.

  3. Your life is already in plan and you needn’t worry looking for your better self.

  4. virgins are always deflowered by men above 6 yrs their age.

  5. Your dreams are only images from what your eyes saw but your mind didnt recognise.

  6. cowardise gene is inherited from the mother.

  7. fear makes the brain to stop generating ideas

No…3 hapana nimekataa. Hio ni reasoning ya paupers, a justification for their poverty.

Hapa sikubaliani kabisa. A person should constantly be working towards self actualization stage. To be born poor is not your fault but to die poor is definitely your own damn fault.

is number 6 true? is fear also genetic? being very cautious!! kuna kitu nawaza sana!!

Wild hypothesis.

  1. sioni kama ukweli. My mum is not a mouga.

This one has both elements of truth and false. Kuna wale wanajipa hivi hivi tu