Something to cheer you up.

Sii kila mtu ako peasant kama wewe kaka braza!

But mbona unashida za peasant:D

Same problem here with iPad Air 2. I guess it’s a problem with Apple

Wapi picha ya zile orbit kwanza!!!

Wee wacha.

Kuna watu arimiis itamelt bana

I guess so. I was hoping that admin would have a player for this website which would open all videos irrespective of the gadget we are using…

opera mini for IOS
chrome for IOS

Thanks i knew you my dear would come up with a solution! Well done! Cc @Guru

Hahaha. Now the discussion is about iOS. But do we say.

Do you say what? You probably only use it to call, text, take pics and browse. Nothing makes it more special than a windows phone

Just with a light touch. Nothing serious man.

It turned out to be a peeing contest.


Chrome isn’t loading…
I have tried uploading that iSO inaitisha hapo but applestore haitambui

Wacha tusaidiwe. Unajua Steve Jobs died without finishing his job…

Transcript ndio hii:

Title: The Kisumu Englishman

Obama’s political paraphernalia

is in my blood like a virus

he is the most charismatic

(nigerian is like who is this nigga and what is he saying…)

he is the most proactive

he is the most paradoxic controversial

and perhaps difficult to understand

(nigerian looks down)

he is a political journalist

an adnological intellectual

(nigerian jaw drops down)

very perspicacious

very intelligent

dynamic and idiosyncratic

(nigerian jaw still down…)

man of distinguished (distinguised) fortitude

and virtue of character

he is a paradoxical

in other way he is a


(nigerian looks like this guy has lost it…)

he is a technocrat not a democrat

not a hooligan

not… a… not… a… trouble maker

he is accessible

he is a realistic

he is a beta some

(other nigerian is like hee…?)

he is a beta some

he is an… an adventurous

Raila is the most flabbergasting

(other nigerian looks away at mention of this…)

the most prestigious

a… a protagonist

a central character

a master character

a leading character and

so and so forth

(other nigerian beats his head three times like this person will never get it…)

(third troubled nigerian exclaims… huh…)

hio ya mwisho siweki

Am having the same problem here. I have successfully downloaded the chrome app but the attachment is not opening at all.

Poleni ma billionare its not always rosy up there.

Self explanatory on your image

The best reaction is when the guy said Raila is the most flabbergasting