Something to cheer you up.

Happy Sunday.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: naona PLO anapewa compe hapo.

He he he he …sisemi kitu!


:D:D:D Hahaha

Am dead

Huyo jamaa ni chinga sana

@Deorro my phone never load or show videos posted on threads. What could be the problem? Like i can not watch the video above.

Save it rather than opening it

we have not implemented a video player. so you have to download the video and watch on your phone. if you have operamini and on android you can longpress and watch the video online instead of downloading it

I have IOS, it does not Allow me to download most videos.


what happens when you tap on the video link?

:D:D:D…the sheep came by engrich.


It directs me to another page and opens a player but does not play.

Wachana na Chinese knockoff phones

Dude we are on IOS baibe! Iphone 6 plus 128 GB na hatusumbui!

Using opera mini, click on the link and press save not play


Thanks but my phone runs on IOS. It does not have opera mini. I have apple software.

Chocha,hiyo labda ni ibone