Something that needs to be said that nobody wants to hear

Girls fall in love easily. They yearn for love and affection a lot.

They get emotionally attached to people that they shouldn’t have feelings for and they keep hoping for something good to happen between them.

Love isn’t an easy thing to get over with. Once they love someone truly, that person never leaves their heart. Many boys tend to be idiots who overlook the women’s love once they manage to get them to be their girlfriends. They refuse to recognise that women expect tender love, care and attention. Women want you to take some responsibility to understand what they are trying to say and feel.

Stop calling your women complicated. If your love is true, you will open your hearts to her wants and needs. I am not talking about gold diggers. A Netflix date and a sleepover would suffice sometimes. All that they need is some time with you at the end of the day. Maintain good communication. Don’t disappoint them. Be their best friend. Heal your girlfriends with love.

Often times, getting over someone isn’t easy for women. They feel the difficulty to move on from day one. If they moved on, they you should know that they pushed themselves to the core to get over their ex-lovers. Don’t realise their value too late. They will not come back when you realise one day that you were so focused in work and other things and have spent so little time with your girlfriend. It’s not wrong to focus in making money so that you can get settled in life. What is wrong is imbalance. You may feel that once a month meeting and daily(or occasional) 1 minute phone calls are enough to maintain a healthy relationship. Sometimes it’s not. We do not want to hear I AM HERE FOR YOU, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, YOU HAVE ME on the phone. Be chivalrous. Do nice things for your girlfriends. One little act of love will make your girlfriend feel a little more appreciated and in return, you won’t lose because they will show you so much of love as a token for what you did for them.

Just be nice to your girlfriends, men.


Most guys (teens) start of thinking like you. Then s.hit happens and they say f.uck it!


A clingy woman, an immature woman, an emotionally unstable woman who needs constant reassurance that you are in love with her or that she’s beautiful is a disaster to be in a relationship with.
That’s the kind of woman you should stay very far away from.
The moment she starts displaying the above signs, run brother run and don’t even look back.

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Summarize pls.

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Very insecure woman

What’s the purpose of the above article?

Are you fighting for women?

The author clearly has not interacted with the female species, na bado anafikira za teenage boy.



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You bitch…respect pussy.

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Niaje @Iddy Lannister, first of his name

Mafeelings tuliachia white Knights kama huyo virgin kiddy…

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Na mod flani.

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awww, sweet. You can be a good male friend… come here munchkin how adorable





Operational word ‘friend’.

You never disappoint.


This one thinks of you like this and she hasn’t met you, je ule wako???