Something strange in the CBD, be careful elders. ( attached photo)


What is strange here young man?

All I see is a ghost town

First thing I will do when I become village admin, is to ban @digi. For some flimsy reason.

Empty town, stay home

OK but, mpe haki yake. This fellow opens your thinking valves.

[quote=“digi, post:5, topic:221911”]

Empty town, stay home
Fuck you![/QUOTE]

Kiihii utawai wacha click bait? Meffi wewe

Key hay ni key hay tu :meffi::meffi::saitan::saitan:

Slanted headline

Admin mbona usichuje hii ng’ombe tupate peace?


Nairobi is the ugliest city in africa…it looked soo good in the sixties & seventies , what happened ?

What happened is imported votes, people who do not belong here were brought by Fred Gumo, Raila, Mahmood Mohammed na wengineo, flooding eastes and turning them into ghettos overnight!
Just because you are a Kenyan does not mean kila mtu ahamie Garrissa, Migori, Voi or Ikolomani

If you come into town early mornings, it’s always been like this. Easily.

He is the admin.

Just google Monrovia uone vile watu wanaishi.

Mzee mzima kwani umetembea hadi Monrovia? Kumbe wewe sio hako.

Huyo si mimi @patco

It’s strange