[SIZE=7]SK Macharia’s Wife, Gathoni , Looting Royal Media Mercilessly To Revenge After He Married Another Wife, “a Gachungwa” – Details Emerge[/SIZE]
Apr 30, 2021 10:32 PM
Media mogul SK Macharia and his wife Gathoni are reportedly engaged in a domestic dispute that threatens to run down their business empire.

Trouble started after SK was informed by the senior managers that his wife, who is a director at Royal Media Services (RMS), was looting the company.

He reportedly ordered an audit that revealed that indeed his wife has been siphoning millions of shillings from the business.
Gathoni has been diverting money from the company to her family members, such as her sisters, nephews, nieces, brother, and cousins.

SK further discovered that his wife had given a tender to one of her sisters to supply stationery to RMS at an inflated price.
Gathoni’s sister went ahead and bought a house at Garden Estate along Thika Road with the proceeds.

SK’s wife is reportedly looting the company to revenge after her billionaire husband added another wife (a gachungwa).
She is also jealous because her husband has been dedicating more time to his younger wife and even listed her as part of the shareholders at Royal Media Services.
Gathoni is reportedly threatening accounts guys at RMS and senior managers for informing her husband how she is looting the company behind his back.

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