Something is very wrong in this country

So pasta MacKenzie has been killing and burying people since 2017. It is highly likely that upto 300 people who disappeared are now buried somewhere in his 800 acre ranch. Surely if police and security apparatus are ignorant of such things going on for years, what else is going on in this country without their knowledge? 6 good years of people reporting their missing loved ones who they knew had gone to live in a commune with the pastor. Do we really have security and intel in this country? Furthermore how did the guy get released on a 10k bond while bodies of children were found by police on his property? Its now emerging that immediately he was released he hired a lorry to hide dying children deeper in the chakama forest so that nobody could find them. This is an indictment of the security in this country. If shit like this can go on for 6 good ears with no action from the police, DCI or ODPP, what else is going on that we have no clue about?

If a single person can do all this unnoticed for over 5 years in spite of complaints even from the area MP, what of an organised group?

How did he get 800 acres in the first place?
Where is Rigathi when we need him? Or does he only comment on Kenyatta’s land

We all have the capacity for great evil…all that’s needed is an opportunity and motivation

Huko ni ocha kwa kina jefwa kingi…speaker of senate.he comes from the nearest civilized area of adu kamale.

Religion… opiate of the masses…

We also need to blame ourselves first. Where are the relatives of the missing victims. How come they didn’t say anything. There should have been a pattern. You will find Police didn’t even receive a missing person complaint. There are a few missing Kenyans, trust me relatives, friends will mobilize a search.
By the way, in the first world, missing persons are given a very low priority. I remember a relative went missing, they didn’t do anything. We had to search ourselves. He was found in a field at night, as you know temperature was dropping. He would have died that night, even if it wasn’t too cold.

Nyumba Kumi, village elders, neighborhood, backsliders & others wangelifanya secret follow-ups then tip the authority. My pple are too slow & ignorant.

His wealthy followers sold every thing to help him buy it. They then moved in to a commune in the land. He was digging a dam and they were to farm maize

Alikua ana fanya nini kwa field usiku?

He had lost his thoughts. Ex- military guy huwa na PTSD.