Something is quite wrong with our country


The first guy killed himself. Or he was killed and his killers sent a message to look like suicide.

On the 2nd girl, the killers used WhatsApp to demand ransom from the family.

Apparently, WhatsApp can help to trace kidnappers especially when a child is concerned (terms & conditions).

End to end encryption doesn’t mean you’re free to commit a crime.


Afadhali Mexico

Tema hiyo jaba

So basically the end to end is just a facade?

You clearly dont know the kind of violence Mexican states go through on a daily basis. Huko ni butchery my friend

something is quite wrong with us, kenyans.

Aha! Are you sure msee? They record upto 100 killings in a day.

Yaani loss of life in whatever shape, form or manner has become almost more ordinary than living. Sad.

Mind your own business, achana na bibi za watu and take part in clean deals only. Tosheka na hio kidogo yako and such things utazionea kwa news tu. Shida kubwa ya wakenya ni kitu kidogo sana inatwa tamaa iliyo muua fisi.

Reset rebuild. Build back better. Build back stronger. They said.

Such vices like kidnappings, numerous cons, increased petty crimes etc will continue to increase as unemployment number continue to skyrocket. We are slowly becoming another busket case of a country

walikamua huyo dem ama?

Raped and murdered

Blame the kafment for making living conditions untenable for the majority through heavy taxation & lack of payment to contractors. Obviously, death and crime becomes a palatable option in the absence of income generation

Organise a prayer meeting to the god of israel over Kenyan problems.

Madem wanakula fare ya simps wanauliwa… maboy wanapiga deal chafu wanauliwa… people are slowly taking the law into their own hands

Consequences of a failed activist judiciary system. Where delay justice is the order of the day. And justice is administered based on how deep your pocket run.

The public has no faith in the rotten system