Something I really detest about Arap mchumba.

There something arap mchumba and soccer dont match.
His is allover Twitter discusses issues about a European football league yet our local league his non committal at all.
Why can’t and obviously his in a good position to discuss issues about marathon running that would fine etc.

Who the hell is Mchumba?



You are quick to snort but cant stand the smell that you end up eating.
Acha ushuzi kama jimit aka nguruwe.

Nimekosea wapi mkuuu. Apologies.

Huyu jamaa anasema nini?

BBI na mancity na Chelsea.


Man Utd inachapana viboko leo.
Liverpool waliniudhi jana. Why couldn’t they just roll over and get caned as is usual these days?

Mujamaa hueleweki, is this from google translate ama.

What are u saying?


upussssssssssssss tena

Achana na mimi boss.Mimi sio mamako. Shienzi takataka!:meffi:

Arap mchumba on Twitter 24/7 about a European league. He purports to have knowledge of everything to do with European English league.
I mean arap mchumba knows every manager,players numbers and their names,
actually he has a complete biography of mangers,player and clubs involved etc.
Yet he can not mention anything about our local national league issues.

Upuus saidi

Apa sasa nmejaribu kukupata vipoa

Inaonekana ya kwamba kuna Retards wengi hapa

I don’t like his face.