Something fishy with my kabambe

I have been using this kabambe for sometimes and lately it has started showing me issues. I receive random messages to any line in SIM 1 slot from numbers with 7 prefix and no zero i.e 712876543 with offers and links to These numbers all look like safcon number formats. Whenever the messages arrive, the phone time settings resets to default date and time, then another one from Whatsapp with code to activate my account follows. Hii inaweza kuwa nini wadau?
I bought the phone last year from these local vendors akaniambia ni ya safcon and it also had the safcon stickers.
I have removed my number in FB and also activated two factor authentication in whatsapp just to try and save my a** of anything that might be looming

Na juu ni kabambe si ushike tu kengine, huto tusimu hutumia soc yenye ni ngumu kureprogram juu ya lack of driver software na rom

someone is trying to hack you and is spoofing so you wont know the real number sending texts