Someone translate for me


What does these written words in Malaysia say? I can only see Negro and Africa

everyone has a right to choose how they live in their own country… referee waves play on

What wrong did Africans do to the world? Jameni this is becoming too much.

Watu wakule kwao

Hiyo ni sawa, wengi wetu tunasumbua

Waah. imefika malaysia na venye wakenya wengi wako huko

Lakini hawa wasee pia hutuona kama mafala sana…mtu atakuletea aje elctronics, akujengee barabara, akuletee basic medical equipment na sisi tuna export ati Avocado… Naskia at independence economy yetu ilkua same level na Malaysia sai ona pahali wako

That is Chinese. Half of Malaysia are Chinese

While I may not disagree with what you are saying, the analogy you are giving is wrong. Where could they sell their(Chinese) electronics if we dont buy them? Many other countries dont make those things, icnluding denmark, norway, nepal, etc

Here we are complaining about racism yet we’re tribal af.


Coming from you sijashangaa

Then kesho you will be complaining how filthy Somalis are being treated here


Kenyans are hypocrites

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]Sad, but accurate

africans are physically different and ignorant , they are not considered human coz they don’t strive to progress in life , just like animals , they wonder why all countries led by black men are in the third world 60 years after independence , the world sees that as proof that black ppl are not normal …i don’t know why you asked that question n uko na jibu , since unakaa uko U.S you always talk sh** about black americans… whatever u say about niggers is what the world says about africans …
Africa should wake up tuacheni ujinga …

Hauko serious. On the top right it says very clearly in English DO NOT RENT TO AFRICAN/NEGRO
I always felt it is wrong to go to other people’s homes to make it your home. Stay home and build your home.
Immigrants should pray this thing ends before this hostility forments into something worse

This does not justify racism.

Most black people exhibit animal-like behaviour.

If you dont love yourself enough, dont expect any other person to owe you any love! That is what it means…