#someone tell these single Mothers.

As a senior bachelor in my late thirties and still very much on the dating scene, I have noticed a very disturbing trend among the “mature” single women.
They are so reluctant to admit that they have children!
What the fcuk is all that about?..

Do you think that you are more attractive if you have no history?
Do you think that I will never find out?
Do you think that I will be attracted to a liar or a secretive bitch after I find out? (Which I will!)…
What kind of a woman is so ashamed of their offspring that they don’t want to be associated with them in the name of finding new love?

I have been divorced for almost 2 years and my youngest kid still needs a child’s car seat.
I have never removed it even on New dates because I want that New woman that I’m trying to shag know that I have kids and they mean the world to me.

My kids and the love I have for them, and the pride I have in them is Number ONE!

This is why I don’t get it when these modern single mothers want to come across as virgins at the pain of “hiding” away their own children that they gave birth to!..

I now have a new rule in my life as I seek New love;
Don’t be with a woman who doesn’t tell you about all her children on the first date.

It just confirms that she is a calculating ,manipulative selfish hoe and that is most probably why she is Single anyway!.. Kikiki…

These hoes ain’t Loyal.


totally unrelated to this, i respect all single mothers. Ni mmoja tu ambaye nimesuspend respect yake na anajiju.

Now related to this, its we men that make these single mothers feel uneasy about revealing their kids to us.

All they want is just love. Not some judgement, just some pure exciting boy-gal love. Not some ‘you mother’ kinda love.


heheh. So you take the pride for your children to the woman you want to shag. Mmama. Ata yeye akuje na ile kitu ya kunyonya maziwa na carrier ya mabega?


For the first time I disagree with you. Talk to me about money and tax avoidance Lakini mambo ya trying to justify a woman denying their child hatuwes agree.

I will probably respect them more badala I discover after 2 dates ama one year ati she has two teenage kids.
The worst thing is that they think that it will ruin the honeymoon period of a new relationship but the longer they leave it to tell you, the harder it becomes for them to admit it.
But in the end you still find out and it hurts you even more to know that you have been lied to for so long.

No problem with your take but taking your baby carrier wherever for the purpose of passing an insolent message?

You obviously don’t get it you moron.
I am not parading it, but I will not remove it or try to hide it!

If anything, I want it to be a talking point on our first date because that is a very big part of who I am.

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When a single mother doesn’t tell you about her kids ,then she wants a one night stand because she doesnt want you to know her inner circle…if she tells you all about her kids ,she wants you for a long term that’s why she is being open .so be your judge


Do you think she should come clean on the second, third or fourth date?..
That’s not a one night stand anymore is it?..

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Yes … you are parading it. beba soiled napkins pia.

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Please remember to also tell them how male pads are comfortable:D:D



@Kabuda,the day you will post a thread different from this family issues I promise for the sake of this community I will remap your truck for free.


For once I agree with your adulterous ass.i for one have always had a baby on board sticker so Malaya inajua mimi ni mali ya wenyewe


Cmon buddy we all know that this is a pussy puller aka possy magnet.


Killing two birds with one stone.

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mrs waweru umesahau kutype ile homosexual laugh kikikiki

Hahahahahaha not two birds but the entire fleet.



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Uncle, uchokozi hata Sunday?:D:D

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