Someone Should Sue CCK/CAK & Stop This FORCED Registration Of SIMs To End Data Mining Of Gullible Kenyans. I WILL NOT RE-REGISTER MINE!

This illegal registration of SIM cards is just another attempt by this failed government to sell our information to UK/US and other slave owners. It is high time Okiya Wa MATATA files a lawsuit against this corrupt regime of greedy pigs. Enough is enough. There was the Matercard Card funded Hujuma number, this is no different.

It is mot illegal and you need it to checkmate those shumaare

Reduces online theft, wacha zako bonobo1

your threads are increasingly becoming dull and low IQ

When you say data mining, what is there to be mined or stolen?

I do not believe that all standard references shoukd come from the west, but in most western nations you cannot get a sim without having to prove your huduma number.

The bottom line is, any nation worth its salt should be able to have some degree of control within its territory.
Angalia vile foreigners wanaosha pesa zao za ughalifu hapo Nairobi.
Vijiji mashamba yamenunuliwa, nyumba na maboma yakabomelewa sasa ni high rise kila mahali na hata hamna mahali pa mtoto wako kutembea kwa usalama akitoka shule ya msingi, amakuweka gari yako. Eti uchumi umeimarika my ass:meffi::mad:
Licha ya hayo gharama za nyumba zimeongezeka sasa mwananchi amekua mgeni nchini mwake.
Foreigner in your own country
Mnadanganywa hayo majenzi ya mahigh-rise ni maendeleo., sasa ni maendeleo gani haya ama ni maendeleo ya macho tu kujionea nahunauwezo wa hata kukomboa chumba kimoja pale?
Mwafrika kweli ni shidaa

They already have my ID Number, Birth Certificate Number, KRA PIN now they want my most recent photo

Well it is intrusive but necessary.
Thing is distrust from both parties
Mwananchi is weary and doesnt trust a government whose main objective is to massage foreigners. At the same time, criminals both local and foreigners end up capitalising on this feeling of discontent from Wanjiku.

And it will sure get worse with kimundu. I cry for my Kenya with great bitterness.

there is a kenyan who took a petition to court , he is to be given an injunction this week

It is not necessary. People are only doing it because they’re forced to

Oki basi wasanii nimesikia.
Swali ingine
im not very well versed on the Kenyan laws, but what the law say about tapping (simu)?
Would you consider a government that records and stores all telephone converstion for a period of 200days in a year draconian?

wacha porojo bwana, you can pick up a sim card, load credit and use it in under 1 minute bila kusumbuliwa ati registration docs

Of course. Why would you tap phones except for known criminals under investigation, and suspected terrorists? It takes highly sophisticated and expensive technology, thousands of man hours to analyse calls and specialised staff to do it. Instead of paying people to sit, watch and listen to you exchanging dull jokes with friends or chatting up your mistresses it’s better to have them employed to patrol and deter muggings and robberies in the streets, and to solve so many murders that remain unsolved. It’s a waste of resources.

So,what security amendment wataweka this time that they didnt . This is the third time those fcukers are asking me to re-register my numbers.

This is for the mbirrioneas in the house. Pissants mnaweza jaribu kupiga kelele hapo inje ya gate…
Ukora ya safcom niliiepuka kiasi. If you have someone on the other side of the fence ,anaeza kuloadia from their end its cheaper considering utatumia card. Unless wewe ni wa youtube kwa phone,this is not for you but there are plans ,otherwise phonecalls are cheaper especially kupigia ex kunguru walikutoka wakaenda mayoloz. Ni sticker unabandika juu ya local simcard

It is actually a very simple affordable techology thanks to the cloud tech.
No one would need to sit and listen to “all” conversations…honestly how did you come to that?
This would come handy during criminal investigations, many people get murdered and the forensics are not equipped to complete their investigations because of lack of say a transcrript of tele log.
Kwa mfano, hao wasichana wanauwawa huko kisii, theres alot of soeculations on the circumstances leading to those murders, no where is evidence easily trasable than the electronic footprint we leave behind.
Si forensics would just narrow down to her number and get all her convos, txt messages, jpg etc

Oki baba mimi sina ubaya na tena mimi sii mbirionea basi wachatu nichukue kamkebe kangu ni jisukumie hapo nje ya gate.
Hata wewe huna huruma

Not my field, I assumed it, since simple investigations seem to take forever, eg if you lose your phone to a pick pocket you may never get it back, unless someone got murdered in the process. Why, yet it’s very simple, as you say?

Niliuliza swali rahisi hapa na sikujibiwa. Why should our local telecommunication companies receive millions of dollars from Langley Virginia for “sim card update registration” in Kenya?

I guess the world of crime is now more sophisticated and interconnected, and when we are upgraded we help them because we can weed out the rogue elements from amongst ourselves

Sawa tu, you know berra