Someone Save This Talent Before He Goes To Waste

This is amazing. Where are the youth funds to scale up this project?

A great idea to power a bitcoin farm. I need a few RTX 3090s.

He has surplus power.

In this bonoboland, he needs over ten licences to do this. Tunakujia yeye saa hii.

Meffi wewe huko enda polepole. Huko ndio biggest Armoury ya mishale. Utapigwa mshale ugeuziwe wewe ni cattle rustler.

Kun huyo hapa pia.

How is it that the govt pumps out billions for the youth yet this guy built this using their savings from bananas and rabbits?

The law must be followed by all including this man who pretends to be Kenya power .

As someone has suggested, this would be awesome for miners setting up private rigs with ASICs for bitcoin or GPUs for ethereum. It can’t be commercialized due to high inefficiencies of the system (that windmill and wires). Commercialization would be more expensive than existing windpower systems. So hii wacha ikae tu ushago

Nikikuwa birrioneas I will be funding these dudes and later patent their inventions as my own. Would still make sure he retains ownership ya a certain percentage.

wacha KRA waanze kudai

Kenya Power imemaliza kujipaka lube ikapatia tagteam partners KENGEN na NEMA wajipake pia.
KRA imeona lube imeisha ikajipaka mate.