Someone is busy selling his baby pale olx

This ninja calling himself Alex Mugambi is selling his baby girl for 2M. I don’t know if he’s a troll though.;s=850x0;s=850x0


He he he…
Na msiseme nimecheka.

Looks like a shinyeye

Wasapere mtatuonyesha maneno…badala ya kuuza figo ama makende unauza mjunior!!

[SIZE=3]why is the baby cross eyed?[/SIZE]

There should be a proper adoption procedure in kenya… There are parents out there who want kids… And there are many others who have lots of children… And don’t want them…

HAHAHA, umenimaliza. Hii ya macho you are just seeing things…

Niko sure hii Kenya someone will contact him with an offer

That is illegal… After slavery all humans sell was turned illegal. You either put him/her up for adoption and you’re to end all your parental privileges to the minor.

This is intended to frame the guy. Kuna mtu amechukua picha zake halafu akaipost.

Mugambi is a Meru name but I wouldn’t be surprised if a shiny eye pulled such a stunt.

my bad, [SIZE=2]lakini bado ametoka cendro sindio?..[/SIZE]

There are many kikuyus with the name.

Only God knows what you were looking for before stumbling upon this ad.

meru iko eastern

nashuku ni @Fala 12 huyo

Mbona unadhani fala wote ni fala?