Someone has an idea on where the rain started beating us

By wandia njoya…

Nuclear family is an anti-African concept.

In the 19th century, European governments used the nuclear family to justify to their own citizens why they were colonizing us. They said we Africans didn’t know what families were, and so they were colonizing us to teach us. They even taught home science to African girls to show them how to run a home, European style.

In the 20th century, the nuclear family was used to revive the attack on the black community in the US and roll back the gains of the civil rights movement. The state said that African Americans were suffering from lack of nuclear families, so as to avoid bearing responsibility for the poverty, increasing incarceration and political oppression that was affecting African American communities. The black man became both victim and enemy of America. He got incarcerated and blamed for the destruction of African American families by the US state.

In Africa, colonialism broke families by forcing them to be nuclear units, educating and employing only the man, making citizenship only male, and transferring community property to the ownership of individual men. In other words, colonialism moulded the African man in the image of the slave plantation owner, to the point of introducing the same surname with which they forced African slaves to adopt the surname of their masters.

The effect is that men became mini imperialists, and agents of the greed, pollution, defforestation and grabbing and all the land-related evil that is killing us today.

In the late 20th century, the preachers of the nuclear family in Africa became the white American evangelicals, with a lot of help from the Catholic church.

To resist the idea of the nuclear family is the beginning of freedom for Africa. We must insist that the village must raise the child. We must return to our African languages where we greet all adults as parents, all age mates as siblings and all children as our own children.

Returning to the concept of the village, or to the concept of ubuntu, would radically address many things. Land grabbing and things like pollution would be made unacceptable, because the culprits would be defying the good of the community. We would address gender inequality, because women would get support raising children, and men would be frowned upon for abandoning and impoverishing families. We would have better care for mental illness, instead of abandoning victims to the chemicals sold by pharmaceutical companies.

The village raising the child would also force the middle class, many of whom were educated by the village, to abandon their current retreat into private social services and gated communities, and would make them use their knowledge to fight for good governance and social services for EVERYBODY.

Focus on the nuclear family is a divisive ideology meant to weaken Africans’ collective force. That is why I consider CBC, with its focus on the nuclear family, an anti-African curriculum. And you have seen that the professors and middle class have refused to question CBC. They wont question, because the social privilege of their kids remains unthreatened in this new system that grossly disadvantages children from the poor and the distressed homes.

The idea of the nuclear family is the root of greed, selfishness, inequality, corruption and state dictatorship. We must reject it.

Wapi ule jamaa wa MGTOW=Freedom.

Problem with modernity is that you can’t embrace some facets and discard others…you can’t adopt the white man’s technology, innovations and economic models but at the same time resist his social and cultural innovations…they all go together

They don’t have to.

What typically happens is that most people assume that having superior technology means also having superior culture

We are lost completely.

It does. Unless you have a counter example. Show me where or in what way we have surpassed those with superior technologies even culturally since we now unsuccessfully practice their culture.

Are we still blaming the colonizers for our problems 60years after they left? This victim mentality needs to end.

Mzae, mvua imeacha kunyesha Malindi?

It is impossible to go back to how things were in the past, this is because life is dynamic. It is continuously changing.
How do you convince the youth of today that old times used to be better when they have never experienced that?
What do you tell them if they ask you why you abandoned it in the first place if indeed it was that good?

Tuchangie hii kwanza.

Tell that to the Japanese and Koreans and they will laugh at you. These two have managed to surpass the West in many aspects of modernity but still maintain cultural elements that could raise eyebrows in the deepest corners of the Congo forest. For instance, the two have stuck to their culinary art, despite the fact that it is too involving to a point of seeming ridiculous to an outsider.

In relation to that, there is culture of Koreans/Japanese/Chinese placing food on a some a small jiko so that it is warm as people eat. You would be surprised that they have improvised that stuff to a digital version. Like ni kama culture yao inamove with modernity. Very impressive

Thank you. Life is progressive n dynamic …wanajaribu peddling backwards ati traditional life of neediness n helplessness mode of operation for women

You think Africa was free of conflicts before the colonizers arrived.

All human nature but the degree matters.

Nope. Forget it

Why not?

It’s not a problem with modernity. It’s a problem of pushing narratives that “must” become mainstream.

Nothing is absolute. Not even in engineering can 100% efficacy be attained.

Yes we can pick and choose based on OUR societal norms, history and environment. To make our societies better and shun those that might be contra to attaining that goal.

It requires leadership.

Not easy…polygamy was finished the moment we embraced western religion…how are you going to convince your grandma to read the bible and still accept polygamy?
Our daughters will continue parading their flesh online…some will even sell and openly market themselves as long as they have those mobile phones, WiFi and mobile money…and they will openly do this because they are protected by constitutions/ bill of rights borrowed from the west…the same ones that have given us Liberal democracy.
Our brothers will still get converted into faggots as long as they can access western media and its messaging…again protected by your constitutions
Ask uhuru some of the conditions/ conditionalities he’s being given for kenya to get access to western markets, get loans or even get recognition…we can’t choose one and avoid the other…unless if you can self sustain…discover some good amounts of oil somewhere within the republic and maybe you will be able to put up some resistance

They have money…they can self sustain…they don’t have to go to western capitals with begging bowls where certain conditions have to be met before loans are granted and markets are opened…but still that hasn’t stopped them from embracing huge portions of harmful western cultures

Right like middle east oil rich countries continue to deny women education and freedom, forced to wear that black coverup, being sold off for marriage. As women and LGBT we thank God that Africa is poor and black man is white man’s slave so we get to enjoy freedom to show nudity as we like coz ITS OUR BODY men can cover themselves up if they hate nudity and women refuse to be laborers and sex slaves masked as “polygamy” cz if African leaders restrict gayism, they get taught a lesson by their master lol. Adapt adapt.dont fight change. It’s inevitable.